Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim returned to social media after being dragged by comments about locust attacks

When celebrities or public figures quit social media, this is usually equivalent to turning off the public’s eyes. It’s difficult to connect with censorship, but when they come back, they usually move their advantage away from the first.

Zaira Wasim (Zaira Wasim) received serious attention yesterday because of her comments on the locust attack and then deleted her social media account. However, today she made a comeback on social media platforms on the grounds that she has escaped the hustle and bustle around her.


Zaira Wasim makes a comeback on Twitter

Zaira Wasim’s tweets and comments often became the center of controversy. Therefore, if someone with such a thick skin quits social media, then people may worry that something unprecedented has happened.

A day ago, Zaira Wasim posted the religious texts of the Quran on Twitter and commented on the locust attack. The troll lashed out at her tweet, calling it insensitive and criticizing her point of view. The Bangladeshi girl later deleted the tweet because the conversation seemed to be only intensifying, and she deleted her account on Twitter and Instagram.

Zaira Wasim


After she withdrew, many people who supported her but did not support Zaira started trending towards #StandWithZaira. Many people defended her by saying that she has the right to post her thoughts on Twitter. Now, Zaira is making a comeback, abandoning everyone and closing everyone immediately.

After a dramatic pause, the former Bollywood actress Zaira came back, and she responded with a tweet asking why she would leave when deactivated: “Because I am like everyone else, as long as there is noise, I can Take a break to reach the highest point on top of my head or around me. “

I hope we can see her more tweets and opinions, and this experience will not prevent her from doing so.

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