Wild video shows Floridians on the hood of a moving semi truck

Wild video shows Floridians on the hood of a moving semi truck

A dramatic video posted on social media showed a man pressing eagerly against the hood of a semi-trailer trailer driving on a Florida highway on Saturday.

The wild scene suitable for the movie did not appear until 1 pm. On the Florida Turnpike, onlookers were stunned.

“What? K?” A person in the car who was filming this episode could be heard saying: The truck was rolling on the highway, shaking back and forth violently in order to loosen the hanger.

“My God!! Oh my God! “What are you doing? “The man said, he and a woman in the car laughed in disbelief.

The video was originally posted to Facebook by Erik Morales and later shared On Twitter.

The man clutching precious lives earlier jumped on the hood of the northbound truck and started hitting its windshield WPTV report, Citing the authorities.

The man’s friend told the police that the two were driving south on the toll road in a Toyota SUV when the man drove out of the car from the ramp, crossed the highway divider, and jumped onto the truck.

A man clutches the hood of a semi-tractor trailer moving on a Florida highway
The screenshot shows the person clinging to the hood of a semi-trailer moving on a Florida highway.Twitter/Eric Morales

At one point in the video, the truck driver even suddenly stepped on the brakes, but the man insisted and shouted at the witness who recorded the encounter.

Before the Florida Highway Patrol officer towed the big rig over, the truck drove 86 to 95 miles from the hood.

The man was taken to the hospital and was not immediately arrested.

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