Washington teenager is still alive in the woods 8 days after missing

Washington teenager is still alive in the woods 8 days after missing

Authorities said a teenager who had been missing for more than a week in Washington State was found alive in the dense Cascade Range on Saturday.

“This is very rare. It is definitely a miracle. We are so excited that everything is fine for her and she succeeded.” Ryan Abbott told reporters. “I got so much support, so much interest and people who want to help. It’s great to see.”

Fuda disappeared on July 24, when she left her home in Maple Vally, Washington without telling her family where she was going.

Her 2008 Toyota Corolla was found west of Stevens Pass by a national transportation worker.

Detectives said that Fidelity stopped at the coffee shop before running out of gasoline. Personal belongings were found in the car, but her mobile phone was turned off.

In the past few days, family and friends have posted flyers and searched for traces of missing persons in the area.

Authorities labelled her disappearance as “suspicious” and released surveillance footage of Fuda outside a coffee shop near Index town on Friday.

Abbott told reporters on Saturday that the rescue team with hounds came across a notebook and shoes belonging to Fuda at about 2:45 pm. That day.

Authorities said Fidelity was found two miles above the “very steep” embankment of a creek.

Medical staff treated her at the scene and rushed her to the district hospital in stable condition. Abbott said that Fidelity had no food, but drank water from the creek.

He said: “This is a terrific ending.”

Officials have not said why Fidelity ended up in the woods. Abbott said she was “not very coordinated” during the rescue and could not explain what happened in the past week.

Abbott said: “At least at this point, the rumors of possible kidnapping are not true.”

Friend of the Fidelity family Jeff White (Jeff White)Tell Q13 FOX He had worried about the worst.

White said: “This is a miracle.” God bless the family today. God must bless the family today. “

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