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Unlock 2.0 guidelines: schools and universities remain closed | view open/closed content

The Ministry of the Interior has issued the Unlock 2.0 guidelines, which will take effect on July 1. The design of the new guidelines takes into account the current pandemic situation in each state, and based on the feedback from the states and alliance territories, as well as the input of various central ministries and commissions.

MHA lists the activities allowed in the second phase of Unlock 2.0, including domestic flights, passenger trains, etc., as well as continuing restrictions. During Unlock 2.0, schools and universities will continue to close.

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Unlock 2.0 guidelines: allowed content, not allowed content

  1. Schools, colleges and educational institutions will be closed until July 31, 2020.
  2. Online courses will be allowed.
  3. From July 15th, state and central government training institutions will be allowed to comply with the SOP.
  4. International air travel (except permitted by MHA), subway services, cinema halls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment venues, bars, auditoriums will continue to be suspended
  5. Social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, and religious gatherings are prohibited.
  6. The operation of domestic flights and passenger trains will be expanded in a calibrated manner.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to move people between 10pm. By 5 a.m.
  8. Only basic activities are allowed in the containment area.

[Unlock 2.0 Guidelines | MHA]

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