Trump said right-wing voices are being reviewed. The data also explains other

Trump said right-wing voices are being reviewed. The data also explains other

However, data from Facebook, the world’s largest social media company, poured cold water on the claim that conservative voices are silent.

In fact, according to CrowdTangle, a data analysis company owned by Facebook, the content of conservative news organizations dominates Facebook and usually outperforms the content of direct news organizations.

In addition, according to CrowdTangle, on Facebook in the past month, Trump captured 91% of all interactions in content posted by US presidential candidates. Biden only captured 9%.

CrowdTangle calculates the interaction by counting the total number of likes, comments and shared posts received.

In the past month, the best-performing news agency in the United States has been Fox News, a conservative network that largely echoed Trump ’s White House message.

According to CrowdTangle, Fox News has captured 13% of all interactions between US news organizations, with more than 29 million likes, comments, and shares.

The second page with the best results belongs to Breitbart, a right-wing website that largely supports the president and has close ties to the White House. In the past month, its Facebook page accounted for 9% of the total US media interactions, with more than 20 million likes, comments, and shares.

The third-ranked US news organization is CNN, with 7% interactions; the fourth is ABC News, which accounts for 5%; and the fifth is NPR, which accounts for 4%.

According to CrowdTangle’s data, when categorized by American political media, the data tends to favor conservative news organizations. Six of the top ten political media pages in the United States are conservatives.

According to CrowdTangle, Ben Shapiro, an outstanding conservative news person, has performed more than 25 million interactions on his page in the past month, accounting for 29% of the total share of American political media on Facebook.

The second largest political media page in the United States belongs to Breitbart, accounting for 23% of total interactions.

Last month, the top 10 conservative media in American political media: The Western Journal ranked fifth with 4% of interactions; The Blaze ranked 7th with 3% of total interactions; Two-eighths of IJRs account for 2% of total interactions; the interaction rate with the Washington Examiner ranks 9th.

Trump and Republican lawmakers have repeatedly accused Facebook and other social media platforms of prejudice, portraying these companies as villains. This is a long-term cultural war that has stirred the tone of conservatives in the past.

In the past, technology platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have prohibited certain users from violating hate speech policies.

Facebook, YouTube and Apple have taken extensive actions Guide right-wing conspiracy theorists Alex Jones violated hate speech and harassment policies on the 2018 platform. These companies insist that they will not discriminate users because of their political beliefs.

But the nuances between Trump, Republican leaders and members of the conservative media have disappeared.

Republicans and right-wing media are so happy Running with narrative Regardless of the facts, social media companies are reviewing conservatives. Fox News, Breitbart and other media have magnified claims that conservatives have been criticized on social media platforms.

In addition to the President, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Texas Senators Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. also promoted this among some Republicans Kind of saying.

Social media prejudice and censorship claims have also entered Congress. Lawmakers held hearings to discuss so-called “social media filtering” practices, in which right-wing figures have been Testimony About they should have faced discrimination from the company.

The story is unlikely to disappear soon. The right-wing politicians and the media that pushed it forward seem unimpressed by the facts. Instead, they seem to resonate with the narrative and arouse interest in the foundation of conservatives.

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