Trump demands "law and order" because looters looted Philadelphia

Trump demands “law and order” because looters looted Philadelphia

Protesters looted shops on Sunday and set fire to various locations in Philadelphia-prompting President Trump to urge the Governor of Pennsylvania to call the National Guard.

“Now, the law and order in Philadelphia!” Trump tweeted. They are robbing the store. Just like what we did last night in Minneapolis (thanks to President Trump), call our great National Guard.

The news anchor captured images of the looting of many shops in West Philadelphia and the loss of control of the fire in the central city, which was caused by the anger caused by the constant police detention of George Floyd in Minneapolis. WPVI-TV report.

A video clip shows the police chasing the robber and another attacking the police car.

The authorities closed all streets in the central city, closed the Ben Franklin Bridge, and ordered all businesses in the fashion retail center to “expect” to “close” immediately at 6 pm. Curfew Philadelphia Inquirer Report.

Philadelphia police said that after a night of violent confrontation, widespread robbery and destruction of buildings, as of Sunday afternoon, they had arrested 215 people in the city.

“The destruction we saw in Central City last night saddened him. When robbing the city center, these people not only blasphemed private businesses, but also blasphemed the important messages heard during the early peaceful protests.” Jim Kenny said on Twitter on Sunday.

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