Trump brings up Fauci's approval rating during briefing

Trump complained that no one likes me, and even his allies are gradually declining.

He said: “No one likes me.” He was puzzled by how his government’s health experts were praised, and he was accused of ignoring and denying the raging public health crisis.

That is an answer.

By Friday, the president’s frank assessment of his popularity seemed to be reflected in other ways:

  • Even his staunchest Republican allies have firmly rejected his proposal to postpone the November vote, and some people are actually mocking the serious (if not toothless) proposal that most people consider the president to sabotage the election.
  • It’s no surprise that the leadership of the nation’s citizens, including three of Trump’s four living predecessors, gathered without him in Atlanta to commemorate the late Rep. John Lewis, which made the current president’s absence. Especially prominent.
  • The irritating conversation about Capitol Hill took place almost entirely without his involvement, and was mainly known for the confusion they exposed in the Republican Party, many of whom were involved in learning that the president’s request for the new FBI building was included Surprised in the final proposal.
  • In a closed-door hearing on Friday, intelligence officials working in Trump’s home government underestimated the possibility of foreign countries producing false votes in large numbers to interfere in the November election-Trump seems to be making this request at the same time in the Cabinet Chamber .
  • Trump’s concerted action to promote the legalization of mail-in voting has sounded a wake-up call among Republican agents. They worry that the president’s need to vote in person will mainly curb the turnout of his supporters.

Trump’s attempts to restore status will only exacerbate divorce and raise concerns that he is weighing the party’s ability to move forward. Trump has long dismissed Washington’s establishment, and has no interest in how his actions can force allies into embarrassment or divorce themselves from long-term norms.

Trump’s “no one likes” example this week is far more than just a difference in “personality.” It implies that a president is actively isolating himself in his own conspiracy theories and suspicious science bubbles, increasingly Few people are willing to join him.

To boost his mood, Trump’s advisers scrambled to organize a downsizing political event on a toasted tarmac in Florida on Friday, where Trump stood with barely masked crowds. Together, stand a few inches with each other. As the storm approached, other events scheduled for Trump on Saturday were cancelled.

The incident illustrates what White House officials describe as an effort to temporarily arrange Trump’s appearance in court, which allowed him to accept at least some compliments after the campaign rally remained the same and the convention acceptance speech he held in person was cancelled.

A person familiar with the matter said that White House officials are still weighing how Trump will formally accept the nomination plan, which includes evaluating locations across the United States where he may speak during prime time. However, it turns out that when Trump insists on taking some compelling work and his aides work to ease some of his expectations of the size of the potential venue, this task becomes difficult.

Aides said Trump has recognized the extreme political danger he created for himself less than 100 days before the election. According to those who spoke with him, when he talked with friends, his complaints were long and full of complaints, but his willingness or ability to change course seemed very small.

Those people said that in the past few months, Trump has expressed “no one likes me”. He described an outgoing president who was overthrown by a pandemic. He believed that he had no control.

In his speech on Thursday, Trump appeared to be dissatisfied with the fact that the number of coronavirus cases will continue to increase, and said that this may not be anyone’s fault, at least his fault.

He said, “That’s it.”

Many of the top Republicans have given up hope that Trump will provide a similar unified national plan to contain the virus, but for a long time they have decided to promote the wearing of masks and stay away from society without Trump’s leadership. Representative Louis Gohmert, Republican of Texas, was one of those who did not find the coronavirus. He found the coronavirus in a test conducted by the White House.

Rather than evading the question or denying knowledge of Trump’s tweets on Thursday, suggesting that the election was postponed-they had abandoned this strategy before the president dispatched inconvenient or embarrassing things-almost every Republican this week All rejected this idea.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, the informal adviser to the president, said: “I don’t think this is a particularly good idea.”

Republican Senator Kevin Kramer said: “I read it. I laughed. I thought my goodness would consume a lot of people.” “I was surprised a long time ago by what other presidents would not do, but I also Understand why he did this and why his base likes it so much.”

On Capitol Hill, the ill-fated election day has surfaced, and the government’s proposal to include $1.75 billion in the new FBI building in the coronavirus rescue plan-the president’s long-term positioning is condemned by his opponents Its questionable ethically.

Republicans only regarded it as absurd in a bill aimed at expanding unemployment to the millions of newly unemployed Americans who lost their lives due to loss of control.

Republican Senator John Cornyn (John Cornyn) said, “There are many insignificant things.” He said that surprised him.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also seemed to be caught off guard by this project, calling it “non-German” lightly. Without any support, the White House finally stated that the new funds will not become a means to disrupt transactions.

On Wednesday, however, Trump’s isolation from his party leaders—they hope to save the coming difficult November—appeared to be firmer. On Air Force One, Trump told his colleagues that even after listening to the appeals of his political team and senior Republicans, he would not interfere in the Republican primary election in Kansas. Even if the conservative firepower branded the seat, And the control of the Senate is also at risk. Kris Kobach wins.

This move seems to have some differences with the president, and his political interests usually do not exceed his own personal interests. Considering the hostility between the two, it is not surprising that he was absent from Lewis’ funeral on Thursday, but it also reflects Trump’s general dissatisfaction with political ceremonies that do not surround him.

Aides never expected Trump to join his three most recent predecessors at the funeral-President Barack Obama, President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton. But when Trump flatly rejected the prospect of going to the U.S. Capitol in Lewis’s state on Monday, even White House officials were surprised. Some people have been quietly considering fast travel to pay tribute.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the three former presidents have all made remarks, which may be seen as dismissive of how Trump completed the position they held.

The most recent Republican President Bush said: “In the United States where John Lewis and I firmly believe, differences of opinion are an inevitable factor and evidence of democracy in action.”

Denying the traditional affirmative route, Trump has begun to look elsewhere. Trump’s once favorite TV channel, Fox News, was willing to accept interviews with the Democratic Party, and was frustrated. .

People familiar with the matter said that even with his assistant’s efforts and his attention turned to the pandemic, Trump continues to hear the voices of many colleagues who are undermining the government’s health experts and questioning their response to the pandemic. Way of illness.

A group of doctors who promoted hydroxychloroquine and expressed doubts about the decision to enforce a lockdown to contain the virus were invited to the White House to meet with Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday, even though the video of their press conference was deleted. From social media because they violated the rules for misinformation.

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