Trump blows up the left in his speech at Mount Rushmore

Trump blows up the left in his speech at Mount Rushmore

President Trump attacked what he called the “Left Cultural Revolution” in a fierce speech delivered on Mount Rushmore on Friday night, which led to “violent chaos” and historicity on the street The statue collapsed.

“They want us to keep silent. But we won’t keep silent,” Trump said to “America! America!”

“We will not be intimidated by evil villains. This will not happen!” he said, before the fireworks display on July 4th, thousands of supporters of the monumental amphitheater even cheered.

He said: “We will never give up the spirit, courage and career of July 4, 1776.”

The president largely kept the prepared notes, delivered powerful and conducive speeches, overturned several weeks of protests, declared economic optimism in the face of the coronavirus, and reiterated many of the things that helped him get elected promise.

He said: “We will state the truth in full without an apology.” He began a series of familiar rally-priority work, including keeping America first, building a border wall, supporting law enforcement and protecting the right to life, guns and freedom. religion.

He said loudly: “We stand very high, we are proud, we only succumb to the Almighty God.” “This is us. This is our faith.”

The President also vowed that Mount Rushmore “will never be profaned.”

Trump talked about President George Washington, President Thomas Jefferson, President Theodore Roosevelt and President Abraham Lincoln: “These heroes will never be defaced… their legacy will never be destroyed .”

He said he will sign an executive order to establish the “American Heroes National Garden”, which will feature statues of great Americans.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are in front of Mount Rushmore.
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are in front of Mount Rushmore today.AFP through Getty Images

Trump has repeatedly condemned the recent civil unrest and the “angry mob” against the historical statues during the racial injustice protests triggered by the death of George Floyd.

Trump said: “There is no doubt that this left-wing cultural revolution aims to overthrow the American Revolution.”

The President said: “They think the American people are weak and compliant.”

“But no, the American people are strong and proud, they will not allow our country and all values… to take away from them.”

A few hours before Trump’s arrival, Native American protesters briefly blocked the road leading to the site of South Dakota, and were then pushed down by a group of National Guard soldiers wearing riot gear, “Fast City Magazine” report.

The demonstrators shouted “backward!” referring to the land of the Montenegrin tribe where the monument is located, which was taken by the US government from Native Americans.

According to reports, the barricades consisted of three vans, two of which had their tires removed. According to reports, some ticket holders looked out for the event for some time.

Trump arrived at Mount Rushmore through Marine One at about 9:30 pm. He entered the amphitheater shortly after 10pm.

The exact number of fireworks displays for the first time in ten years is unknown, but it is expected that the event will attract as many as 7,500 people.

On Friday night, most of the audience in the amphitheater filled with seats did not wear masks. Many upper seats are empty.

Kristi Noem, the Republican governor of South Dakota, said that social isolation and masks will be optional due to the surge in daily cases in the United States.

Leaders of native Native American tribes are frustrated by the risk of this coronavirus, and they are particularly hard hit by the virus.

Harold Frazier, chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe, told the Associated Press: “The president is putting our tribe members on an adventure and taking pictures in one of our most sacred places.”

Others also expressed concern about the fireworks themselves, complaining that they pose a fire hazard to the surrounding national forest.

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