Trump administration launches new pandemic response unit

Trump administration launches new pandemic response unit

According to a new report, the Trump administration plans to establish a pandemic response department in the State Department.

Officials of the National Security Council hosted an inter-agency meeting on Thursday to discuss plans for the new office, CNN report, Just like the similar departments that existed before NSC.

The office was closed in 2018.

A senior administrative official told the network that the pandemic department will be supervised by a new position: the pandemic coordinator.

Thursday’s meeting focused on enriching details and approving proposals for President Trump.

The initial pandemic department of NSC was created by President Barack Obama during his tenure.

John Bolton, a former national security adviser who was present when the department closed, defended the decision In tweet This March.

“The claim that streamlining the NSC structure has damaged our country’s biological defense capabilities is wrong. He writes that global health remains the top priority for NSC, and its team of experts is essential to effectively respond to the 2018-19 Ebola crisis in Africa Even in a crisis, the angry left cannot stop the attack.

Trump also defended the office closure at the time, denying involvement in the move.

He said: “I know nothing about it.”

As the coronavirus pandemic began to take a full blow, the administrative department was reviewed for office closures.

A State Department spokesman did not immediately respond to the “Post”‘s request for comment on the matter.

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