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Travelers from Maharashtra now have 7 days of family quarantine: DGP Karnataka

People traveling from Maharashtra to Karnataka must now go through 7 days of institutional quarantine (IQ) and then another 7 days of family quarantine (HQ). Kana was tweeted on Sunday Tweet from TGP DGP.

According to a tweet from Karnataka DGP of Praveen Sood, an IPS official, passengers traveling from Maharashtra to the state must stay under Agency Quarantine (IQ) for 7 days, while passengers from all other states need Full 14 days.

Not all passengers traveling to the state are required to take the exam. Only people with symptoms of COVID 19 can take the test. (Representative picture)Live Mint

Isolation regulations for passengers in high-risk countries

This is consistent with the regulations regarding passengers from high-risk states such as Maharashtra and Rajasthan to Karnataka. According to regulations, passengers from high-risk states must quarantine in institutions that spend 7 days at designated hospitals at their own expense. Then they will have to stay in family isolation for the next 7 days.

Since Maharashtra is the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases in India, as of May 31, more than 28,000 confirmed cases have been confirmed, and the Karnataka government has taken special safeguards to isolate it from Maharash Passengers departing from Trapan to curb this infection.

For all others who travel from non-high-risk states, the rule requires 14 days of family separation after arriving in the state.

Not everyone accepts COVID 19 swab test at the airport / train station

DGP Karnataka

In addition, not all passengers traveling to the state are required to take the exam. Only patients with symptoms of COVID 19 can take the test.

As the center eased restrictions on the economic activities of various industries and allowed more business organizations to resume operations, the flow of people and products increased.

Workers trapped in various parts of the country have begun to return home. Dozens of people are traveling across states, most of them from high-risk states in Karnataka. The Karnataka government risked infection during transportation and took strong measures to contain the coronavirus.

According to the country of travel and the residence of the people of Karnataka, the government has formulated quarantine regulations.

Pregnant women, seniors exempt

Children under 10 years of age, pregnant women, terminally ill patients, and citizens over 80 years of age will be exempt from institutional quarantine when their swab test is negative when they arrive in the state.

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