Travel Quiz: Please answer these questions in May to solve CNN's challenges

Travel Quiz: Please answer these questions in May to solve CNN’s challenges

(CNN)- We all know that travel can broaden our thinking. Since the seaside area sells delicious ice cream, it also has a tendency to expand other body parts.

We can’t provide you with two spoonfuls of pistachios, but we can continue to maintain the resilience of these brain cells during our next trip around the world.

The experts of CNN Travel have been editing some difficult questions to test your understanding of the earth and stimulate your curiosity.

Think you can surpass us? Try to answer the following questions without using Google. Be sure to use video calls to attract family and friends to the challenge.

Finally, there is a link to the answer. We believe you do not peep!

1. Which of the following cities does not host the Summer Olympics?

One. Amsterdam b. Madrid; C. Helsinki; d. Tokyo; e. Rome

2. Can you identify the city from the skyline?

Getty Images

3. London Underground is the oldest underground railway system in the world. Which city has the second oldest electrical system?

4. Some countries have more than one capital. Can you identify these countries by their little-known capitals?

One. Brno b. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte; C. Putrajaya d. Valparaiso

5. In which city is the tallest building in the world?

6. Can you name this city from these landmark places of worship?

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7. Which city is the oldest Chinatown in the world?

One. San Francisco; b. London; C. Manila; d. Jakarta; e. Toronto

8. Can you identify the city from its airport name?

One. General Edward Lawrence Logan; b. Hamad International; C. Either. Tambo International d. Sukarno Hada International

9. Name the highest capital in the world

10. Which three destinations are recognized as the only three sovereign city states in the world?

1. Which famous plane made its last flight on November 26, 2003?

2. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, in terms of passengers, what was the busiest airport in the world?

One. Beijing Capital; b. London Heathrow Airport; C. Amsterdam Schiphol; d. Los Angeles, e. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta

3. Identify the airline through the tail wing logo

4. What kind of aircraft is the US President ’s Air Force One?

One. Gulfstream III; b. Boeing VC-25; C. Airbus A320; d. Boeing 777-300ER; e. Antonov An-148

5. Which two countries are connected by the kangaroo route?

6. Between these airports identified only by their codes, in which direction (north, east, south or west) will you travel? (If you can identify all cities, you can get 5 bonus points)

One. LAX to HNL; b. LGA to MCO; C. LHR to JNB; d. BKK to PVG; e. ARN to SVO

7. Match the large aircraft to its nickname

Getty Images

One. Whale; b. Queen; C. dream. d. Super giant

8. By the beginning of 2020, which airline has the largest number of aircraft?

One. Delta Air Lines b. American Airlines; C. Cathay Pacific; d. Virgin Atlantic e. JetBlue

9. Why is the magic number of the following aircraft 3?

Hawker Sidley HS-12, Tupolev Tu-154, Lockheed L-1-1011, Boeing 727?

10. In 1928, what kind of aviation did Amelia Earhart first realize?

1. Where can I find these pyramids in the world?

Getty Images

2. What is the largest island in the world?

3. Which country is home to the largest natural desert in Europe?

4. Match the picture to the US National Park?

Getty Images

One. Canyonlands b. Yellowstone C. Grand Canyon; d. Yosemite

5. Can you name the so-called seven oceans?

6. What is the connection between Java Trench, Challenger Deep Sea, Moloy Deep Sea, South Sandwich Trench and Puerto Rico Trench?

7. Match these desert monsters to the following locations

Getty Images / South America Project / Barry Nilder

One. Qatar b. Chile; C. Texas d. Namibia

8. Of the 10 longest rivers in the world, which one is the only northward river?

9. Where can’t I see the Azure window?

10. Which place has the highest annual rainfall?

One. Manchester, United Kingdom; b. Mawsynram, India; C. Seattle, Washington; d. Quibdo, Colombia

1. In 2018, which Asian destination was separated by the sea, connected by 55 kilometers of bridges and tunnels?

2. Match the image to the New York Bridge

Getty Images

One. Manhattan; b. Queens C. Williamsburg; d. Brooklyn

3. Which tall French engineer designed the Bolívar Bridge in Peru, Truong Tien Bridge in Vietnam and Imbaba Bridge in Egypt?

4. Which country is the longest bridge in the world?

5. Match the image to London Bridge

Getty Images

One. Millennium; b. Hammersmith C. Tower; d. Westminster

6. What if you try to cross France ’s Rhone River on the Avignon Bridge?

7. Can you identify the following famous bridges?

Getty Images

8. Which two continents are connected by Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge?

9. What caused a part of the Paris Art Bridge to collapse in 2015?

10. In which country is this convenient structure located?

Via Getty Images’ LINH PHAM / AFP / AFP

1. Which city has the most Michelin stars?

2. Mirazur was named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants in 2019. Which country is it in?

3. Can you identify the country from classic desserts?


4. What are the bubbles usually made in bubble tea?

5. The “happiest country” in the world also consumes the most coffee per capita. Name the country?

6. Which kind of opposite dessert is the name of the ballet dancer?

7. Can you match these four British dishes with their names (don’t laugh)?

Suzanne Plunkett

One. Eaton Metz b. There are toads in the hole; C. Scottish eggs; d. Spotted guy

8. What types are Kartoffelknoedel, xiaolongbao, manti and pierogi?

9. What color is the ice cream in Naples?

10. In the early 20th century, chef Mary Mallon worked in the kitchens of New York and Long Island. What is her unhygienic name?

1. What do Colombia, Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon, Uganda, Maldives and Kiribati have in common?

2. According to the “Henley Passport Index”, which Asian countries are among the top passports for visa-free travel in April 2020?

3. Which country has the most official languages?

4. Four red, white and blue flags, four different countries. Give them a name

Getty Images

5. What happened in Samoa and Tokelau on December 30, 2011?

6. Which country changed its name to eSwatini in 2018?

7. Identify these countries from the overview

8. Which is the newest country in the world?

9. Which countries / regions do these borders claim?

One. Control line; b. Demilitarized zone; C. 49th parallel

10. Which country is surrounded by Senegal in the north, east and south?

1. Designated the protagonist in Jules Verne’s 1872 novel “Around the World in 80 Days”

2. Which four destinations have Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon visited in the four series of “Travel”?

3. Who led this unfortunate Antarctic expedition?

Hulton Archives / Getty Images

4. Who carried out the fictional crusade to take him from Utah to Portugal, Venice, Austria, Berlin, and then to Petra?

5. What record did American journalist Nellie Bly break in 1890?

6. Where did Anthony Bourdain have lunch with former US President Barack Obama?

CNN zero

7. In 1947, Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl overcame his personal fear of riding the Kon-Tiki light raft across the Pacific?

8. Since 1982, what have John “Wedge” Wardlaw, Mark Rumer-Claire, Dallas Burnie, John Moloney and John Dixon do?

9. Why doesn’t Explorer Dora wear boots?

10. She was in India in 1983, but which country has Queen Elizabeth II visited the most?

Fox Photo / Houston Archives / Getty Images

1. Actor Stanley Tucci proved his excellence by showing the Internet how to make the perfect Negroni. His recipe requires doubling the usual amount of wine?

2. In “The Devil Wears Prada”, Tucci’s character Nigel was ignored by the creative director of “Runway” magazine. In which city was he discovered?

One. Paris; b. New York; C. Milan; d. Pittsburgh

3. Tucci has collaborated with CNN to produce a new travel series focusing on the cuisine of which country?

One. France; b. United States; C. Italy; d. Croatia

4. In the 2004 movie “The Terminal”, Tucci played Frank Dixon, the Director General of Customs. He tried to prevent Tom Hanks from living in his airport. At which airport is the movie released?

5. Does Tucci prefer his Negroni to stand upright or on a rock?


That’s it. You did it last. Now, have a drink for yourself, then click the link below to view the answer and understand your approach.

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