This is a terrible time for unemployment. These people still choose to be laid off.

This is a terrible time for unemployment. These people still choose to be laid off.

This is a terrible time for unemployment. Even if there is beyond expectation June work report On Monday, the unemployment rate remained at 11%, with 17.8 million people unemployed and looking for work. Most of the 4.8 million jobs added last month were jobs that were recalled due to the pandemic blockade, not people who found new jobs. There were only 5 million vacancies in April, and the latest data shows that Not enough to move around Everyone looking for a job.
But Steinert, 61, agreed Buy out From his company, saber (SABR), Responsible for processing reservations and software for the national tourism industry.

“I like working. I like working for Sabre.” Stinnett, the company’s billing department manager, said. “As far as our business is concerned, we bill based on airline, hotel, and cruise company bookings. All our customers are hit. The revenue stream has dried up. With this information, I saw handwriting on the wall.”

Stinnett’s situation is not unique. So far, there are 4,500 employees American airlines (AAL) Has agreed to leave the company, mainly for early retirement. So have 5500 employees In Boeing (BA).
delta (DAL) Chief Executive Ed Bastian (Ed Bastian) said in a memo to employees that “thousands” of its 90,000 employees have made acquisitions. The offer is still open for two weeks, and many US airlines and other travel companies have made similar suggestions.

Many non-travel companies also offer acquisition programs to layoffs and adapt to new market realities, including TIAA, Kickstarter, and the Florida hospital system Lee Health.

Stinnet, who lives and works in the suburbs of Dallas, said he believes that there will be involuntary layoffs, and they will not receive the same package he can receive. Therefore, his decision to retire was not entirely voluntary.

He said: “If the company is financially stable now, I will continue to work there.” “But I think the decision to participate in a voluntary retirement plan is my best choice.”

Stinnett is planning to adjust the retirement plan and cut some of the large expenses in the family budget, including a health assistant who is helping to take care of his wife, and personally undertake these responsibilities.

He said: “If I were in the late 1940s or early 50s, I would be too nervous.” “I saw the team members in that position, and they all chose not to do so and roll the dice.”


But some workers who are far away from retirement are willing to accept similar offers from their companies.

A Delta customer service employee spoke to CNN without using his name. Although he was only 50 years old, he accepted the airline’s buyout offer. He worked for Delta Air Lines five years ago, and his wife is still doing well.

He was satisfied with the proposal, and he said that he would be provided with 15 weeks, one year of medical insurance and 11 years of travel benefits.

The US economy created 4.8 million jobs in June. But this is not all

A Delta employee said he had agreed to take a nine-month vacation early this year because he can retain his benefits, such as insurance and free travel.

He said: “I’m lucky that I can almost serve Delta’s flight benefits.”

But in fact, due to a large influx of customers, some cancelled summer flights, others asked about the refund status, and he was actually called back to work early. During his tenure at the company, he did not foresee good long-term prospects.

He said: “As far as qualifications are concerned, there may be less than 2,000 people, but I am not satisfied with it at all.” “I love Delta. If I believe I can survive, I may stick to it. But I will Accept the offer I know, instead of throwing the dice on something less generous.”

But he said that many of his colleagues were not as lucky as he was and could not afford the burden of losing their jobs. Therefore, they will remain intact and hope to achieve the best results.

He said: “As far as the quotation is concerned, they have no choice.” “This is a job with an hourly salary of $18 and does not require a college degree. They know that they cannot replace it. They say’I can’t make money working in Chipotle.'”

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