Why Europe's trust in Trump's America is tanking

The rift between Trump and Europe is turning into a chasm

Early this week, European Union Refuse to include the US in its “Safe country“In the foreseeable future, because of the alarming number of American coronavirus infections, American tourists will be unpopular. Controversially, the list does include China, the country where the virus originated, based on mutual arrangements.
EU officials insist that the decision is not political and based entirely on epidemiological evidence, hoping that this will appease US President Donald Trump, Offensive group several times.

However, some other private admits that Brussels hopes to make this pill more palatable to American listeners, who could have added sugar coating. “In the past, I can see that we may not have included China in order to please the United States.” An EU diplomat who announced the decision without authorization was announced.

Viewing this incident as evidence of the breakdown of transatlantic relations until you put it in the current geopolitical context seems like an attempt. This is no secret Washington’s interest in European affairs diminishes these days. As we all know, European countries actively seek greater American diplomatic autonomy. This is especially true for the 27 member states of the European Union.

One way Brussels thinks it can keep its distance from Washington is to reduce its dependence on one of the world’s superpowers by working with China as a strategic and economic partner and balancing its relationship with another world’s superpower.

In the past few years, with Trump tearing everything up, Brussels has been persistent in international affairs. Think about the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, 5G, And then you start to see a way of behavior in which people might think that the EU supports China in its oldest allies. Of course, in view of the deep roots established between Europe and the United States, this may be an ignorance of the situation, but in this case, any kindness to Beijing has caused great setbacks to people.

The diplomat said: “Knowing our knowledge of Chinese data, its performance during the pandemic and the position of the White House, I think that in another world, we should have turned them away.” He mentioned The other world is not just the world before Trump took office.

A Brussels official who is committed to EU foreign policy but has no right to speak said that the transfer from Europe due to geopolitical priorities started under the leadership of former US President Barack Obama.

The official said: “Obama’s interest in the Middle East is not like the previous president, which is more geographically a European issue. And he is shifting his focus from Europe to China and Asia.”

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However, long-term observers of the coalition believe that it has been nervous for the past four years-if Donald Trump defeats former Vice President Joe Biden in this year’s US election, the situation will worsen. Velina Tchakarova of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy said: “Trump believes that the European Union, especially Germany, is an economic and trade opponent, which means that tensions may arise in his second term of office.”

She said that as the EU is moving towards “building stronger autonomy in the field of security and defense,” Trump is trying to “undermine such efforts through attacks on European NATO member states and economic and trade measures.” “

Brussels officials explained that Trump’s “breakthrough multilateralism” on major international issues such as Iran, coupled with the reduced responsibility of the United States for European security, has accelerated Europe’s step towards the United States and “becomes yourself in the world Thinking. stage. “

EU diplomats recognize that the hostile feature of the US government is to make every effort to avoid cooperation with Europeans. “The problem is that Washington DC officials who want to cooperate with Europe do not have the government’s authorization to participate in any serious way. They have been persistent, but if we can wait for Trump to take office again, then we are really in trouble.”

President Trump has repeatedly criticized the European Union.

Chakalova believes that this is “why the leaders of EU institutions and member states hope that Joe Biden will be elected in January… He is in favor of multilateralism and hopes that he will strengthen the link between the United States and Europe.” .

CNN commented on many officials from EU institutions and diplomats on both sides of the Atlantic. Most refused to comment; some admitted that they thought this was indeed the case. A European diplomat said: “We will dance with anyone on the dance floor, but it is not a genius to see that the US-Europe cooperation is currently performing poorly.”

When asked about the potential hub for the EU to break away from its historical relationship with the United States, a State Department spokesman said: “The United States and the European Union have a strong and lasting partnership and a rule of law based on common democratic values ​​and governance, respect for human rights, and a deep economy. Connections and commitment to trans-Atlantic prosperity and security. This long-term partnership is essential for our coordination in a series of international efforts.”

However, Biden’s potential victory will not provide a quick solution to the transatlantic partnership. The EU diplomat said: “The question is not whether you can restore the relationship to its original state, but whether we can persuade the United States to rejoin the Western order.”

“The geopolitical focus of the United States and the European Union on Asia, the Middle East and trade has started separately. The current difference is that we think the West should focus on the whole as a whole.”

Even if Biden did return to the Obama-era policy towards Europe, there is no guarantee that he will not be replaced by someone more radical than Trump within four years. Brussels officials said: “The fundamental changes that are taking place in the United States may still exist, and we must make adjustments to maximize our relationship. These changes are structural and not based on just one person.”

Of course, this does not mean that the transatlantic alliance will no longer matter. It will remain the core of Western representatives, and the United States will always be a more important ally than China in Europe. In addition, the Covid-19 outbreak has dealt a heavy blow to the EU’s ambitious plan to engage more with China.

However, the veil of warmth that is fading away-as the US’s role on the global scale is becoming unpredictable, Europe is seeking a new world stage-for countries that have a long history of Western powers that have not been united for a long time It can only be good news. before.

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