The National Guard deployed in Chicago during the George Floyd protests

The National Guard deployed in Chicago during the George Floyd protests

The mayor of the city said on Sunday that during the George Floyd protests, Illinois National Guard troops were being deployed to Chicago.

Lori Lightfoot, a “maybe and angry” mayor, tweeted that a violent confrontation between police and demonstrators took place to protest Floyd’s police in Minneapolis After the detention facility died, she had asked Governor JB Pritzker to bring the guard to the second city.

Lightfoot also ordered a curfew on Saturday to continue indefinitely.

“In addition to our curfew from 9 pm to 6:00 am, which will continue until further notice, Governor Pritzker (at my request) also ordered a small group of National Guards to maintain a limited presence and support our police, to Make sure we do n’t do it. Repeat it last night, ” The mayor wrote on Sunday.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” She said in another article. “What you have done is a shame on our city … It is a long and proud legacy as a leader in leading bold and dynamic peaceful protests.”

Lightfoot Said She felt “disgusted”, “shocked and angry at those who decided to hijack this moment and use this opportunity to bring destruction … robbery and destruction.”

On Saturday afternoon, nearly 3,000 protesters gathered at Federation Square in Chicago to protest the death of Freud Memorial Day, Chicago Tribute Report.

The newspaper said demonstrators became more and more violent throughout the day, throwing fireworks and bottles at the police and damaging property. At least one police sergeant was injured in the beating.

Floyd, 46, was suppressed and killed by Derek Chauvin after he was sacked by the Minneapolis police on Monday, causing anger and mass protests across the country.

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