Dozens killed after Pakistani flight crashes 

The crashed PIA flying “black box” will be inspected in France

The recorder-commonly referred to as a “black box”-crashed on May 22 in a dense residential area near Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. PIA 8303 crashed, killing only 2 of the 99 people on board.

The French civil aviation aviation safety investigation agency BEA is an authorized representative of the Airbus 320 aircraft in the crash.

According to BEA, a French team arrived in Karachi on May 26. French authorities said on Thursday that it had received a request from Pakistan to later process the maintenance and data download operations of the recorder.

In a tweet on Saturday, “The on-site mission is about to be completed, adding that the Pakistan AAIB team will then fly to France.”

On Friday, Pakistan ’s aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said the preliminary report of the crash will be announced on June 22.

Khan said the ministry had briefed Prime Minister Imran Khan, who instructed all reports to be made public.

The pilot on board told Air Traffic Control in Karachi that he had lost the engine before the plane crashed.

CNN’s aircraft communication recording obtained from Pakistani government sources heard the pilot’s approach to the aircraft saying: “We are going straight ahead, we have lost the engine.”

After a few seconds, the pilot could hear several Mayday calls, and the air traffic controller responded that both runways could land. The audio is then cut off.

Flights from Lahore are a special service that can help passengers get home during Eid holiday after the coronavirus lock is released.

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