SUV hits two police officers in protest at George Floyd in Buffalo, speeding up

SUV hits two police officers in protest at George Floyd in Buffalo, speeding up

Buffalo, New York — On Monday night, a car passed a group of law enforcement officers during the George Floyd demonstration in Buffalo, causing at least two injuries.

Video posted by bystanders The picture shows a group of police officers, supported by armoured personnel carriers, rushing to a man who is being interviewed on television at about 9:30 pm. Other officers used batons to slam the scattered demonstrators.

A moment later, gunshots emanated from the camera, and when an SUV drove past a group of running police officers, the police officer ran. At least one person seemed to fall under the wheel.

The SUV drove past the armored vehicle and accelerated as more gunshots sounded.

These personnel were taken to Yili County Medical Center. The authorities say their condition is stable.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz tweeted before 11pm. The driver and passengers of the vehicle are believed to have been detained.

Buffalo police spokesman Michael DeGeorge said two people were shot and attacked during Monday’s protests. He said it was unclear whether the gunfire came from the police or someone else. They are being treated in the same hospital.

When a police helicopter flew overhead, the personnel of the armored vehicle then fired tear gas to disperse the crowd into several blocks hit by the police. Several shops in the area were shattered and people were seen entering and leaving the goods.

A woman who bent forward said to someone: “I’m scared.”

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