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Step-by-step guide to applying for a verified badge on Facebook: be sure to remember, you must remember

If your verified profile has a tiny blue checkmark next to it (whether it is Twitter, Instagram or Facebook), when it is actually a way to identify real accounts of public figures, celebrities or global brands, it is considered privilege. Many users are eager to get coveted verified badges on their social media profiles, and Facebook provides a complete guide on how to request verified badges on their 2B+ social networking platform.

Things to remember [Prerequisites]

Before applying for a verified badge on Facebook, users must ensure that their profile meets the various conditions set by the social networking giant. Facebook also warned users that providing false or misleading information during the verification process will result in the removal of the badge. Before requesting a verified badge on Facebook, users must keep the following points in mind.

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  1. The account must represent a real person, a registered business or entity.
  2. Your account must be the unique identity of the individual or business it represents.
  3. Only one account can be verified per person or business, except for accounts in specific languages
  4. Ordinary accounts like Puppy Memes will not be verified
  5. An account must be valid, and there must be an about section, profile photo and at least one post
  6. Account must represent a well-known, frequently searched person, brand or entity
  7. We will review featured accounts from multiple news sources, and will not consider paid or promotional content as a review source

How to apply for Facebook verification badge?

Facebook has a special Verified badge application form Need to fill in completely.

Facebook, verification page, request

India International Business Times’ verified page on Facebook.IBTimes India verified Facebook page (screenshot)

“If your account represents a person, you will need a copy of a government-issued photo ID (eg: passport, driver’s license, national ID card) to verify your request. If your account represents an organization, You need a copy of the phone or utility bill, company establishment certificate, company charter or tax exemption document. Please also attach a few sentences explaining why the account should receive a verified badge and help explain the account’s popularity Related websites,” Facebook said.

If a request is rejected, do not submit multiple requests. However, for rejected requests, users can apply for new requests again after 30 days.

How much does it cost to get a Facebook verification badge?

Although several people provided Facebook verification badges in exchange for money, it was all a scam. Facebook clearly warns: “Do not contact anyone who sells you a verified badge.”

Like other social networking platforms, Facebook does not sell verified badges to users.

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