Sipson Island: This is the first time Cape Cod has been open to the public in 300 years

Sipson Island: This is the first time Cape Cod has been open to the public in 300 years

(CNN)— For the first time in 300 years, the islands off the coast of Cape Cod are open to the public.

Sipson Island The people of Monomomoick have been privately owned since they sold it to white settlers in 1711. Now, the newly established Sipson Island Trust, with the help of a local non-profit organization, hopes to use the value of Native Americans to restore and take care of the island, treating the land as a gift from the owner.

Tasia Blough, chairman of the Sepson Island Trust, told CNN: “As an organization and community, it’s important for us to be able to communicate the importance of this indigenous history and teach The value of people who lived on the island before 1711,”

Sipson Island Trust

This 24-acre island opens on Saturdays and is located off the coast of Cape Cod. It is called Pleasant Bay, an area that is vital to the environment.

Visitors can enjoy hiking, beaches, snorkeling and admire the 360-degree panoramic view of the entire pleasant bay area.

Bluff said: “When it was sold, there were many conservation organizations hoping to find a way to raise funds… to protect it, preserve it, preserve it and make it available to the public.”

Sipson Island Trust

The problem is cost. The price of $12 million is a significant price for non-profit organizations. In the end, in the past four years, the “Friends of Pleasant Bay” organization helped raise funds and extended the deadline to achieve this goal. In June, the private trust fund created to manage the island closed the property for $5.3 million.

It is now completely open to the public, so tourists are encouraged to enter the island from the eastern coast. However, due to the sensitive ecosystem in the water, only shallow draft boats under 22 feet can land.

Sipson Island Trust

The five-year plan will demolish three of the four current buildings on the island to establish and construct an open-air research and education center. The purpose is to restore the ecology of the island, support environmental and historical education and research, and provide public entertainment venues for Sipson and its surroundings.

There are still eight acres of land on the property that have not been issued in the name of the trust. They hope to raise funds quickly so that the entire island is under the protection of the trust.

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