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Queen Elizabeth made her first appearance since the coronavirus lock

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 27, 2019. Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the Indian people to be cautious and take precautions, such as the use of masks and maintaining social distance in public, as the country plans to relax the national blockade from Monday.

Modi makes monthly radio speeches, praising India’s response to Covid-19, especially given the country’s large population. India is the second most populous country in the world after China.

Modi said that the country has suffered, but everyone is determined to continue to deal with it.

He also praised charities including non-governmental organizations and volunteer organizations, saying that his commitment to serving people in need is part of the spirit of India, and that the country has demonstrated this in a pandemic.

Modi also talked about Immigration crisis The country ’s challenges in the nationwide blockade indicate that no part of the country is affected by the current situation. Immigrants, poor people and laborers are the most affected.

Modi said that defeating the coronavirus pandemic also depends on innovation. He added that the road to victory over coronavirus is long, and the world has never experienced anything like it.

He also mentioned that other recent crises have affected the country, including Cyclone Orphan And locust swarms, and promised to provide all possible assistance to those affected.

The Indian Ministry of the Interior has issued a three-phase plan to remove the current lock-in restrictions from Monday.

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