Protesters and police face off near Philadelphia

Protesters and police face off near Philadelphia

According to a report, tension broke out on Monday between George Freud protesters near Philadelphia and the bat-wielding police.

Dozens of white men carrying bats, hammers and shovels faced off for an entire hour, most of them young Fishtown residents protesting police brutality, Philadelphia Inquirer Report.

“Leave us alone!” one protester yelled. “We live here, they make us feel insecure!”

These people claimed that if there was riot or robbery, they would be dispatched to protect their neighbors and robbed the protesters.

WHYY radio producer Jon Ehrens wrote on Twitter that he was attacked while filming these people to cover up the encounter. He posted Photo of his bleeding face, And later wrote in an update that he was “very good” but was on his way to the hospital.

At about 8pm, the police lined up on the street to separate the two groups and asked them to disperse.

“Why are other people tearing gas for peaceful protests, but they can take bats around and be protected?” According to the newspaper, a woman called the police.

When the SWAT arrived, the police told the protesters that they were leaving their third and final warning. Shortly after 9 pm, the crowd disappeared.

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