Police David McAtee shot mocking protesters on Facebook

Police David McAtee shot mocking protesters on Facebook

According to reports, a Kentucky police officer shot a black business owner deadly on Facebook a few days ago, mocking demonstrators.

Louisville policeman Katie Crews killed David Mai on Monday in protest over the alleged death of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd by police Carter (David McAtee) was taken on administrative leave after the protests opened fire on a large crowd. Shooting, Report from the Louisville Courier Magazine.

According to newspaper reports, Cruz posted a photo on Thursday with a female protester offering flowers while standing guard in Louisville, while city residents asked Taylor to make changes after his death in March.

According to screenshots circulating on the Internet, Cruz wrote: “What she said and done to me is far more than’presenting flowers.” “It is so well known. For anyone who knows me and knows my facial expression can tell everything people.”

The crew’s post continued: “P.S. I hope that the chili ball he was injured in will light up later… come back, find another girl, and I will go online again tonight.”

A post on Facebook by Katie Crews.
A post on Facebook by Katie Crews.Facebook

Interim police chief Robert Schroeder said that two Louisville officers and two National Guard soldiers, including Cruz, opened fire on the crowd earlier Monday, killing McArtie, 53, The owner owns the YaYa barbecue hut near the shooting site.

The Courier reported that Schroeder was the police chief Steve Conrad who took over the department after he was fired because the police did not activate his internal camera. Investigation.

The newspaper quoted police officials as saying that Cruz, who joined the department two years ago, had no violations during that time.

David McCarty
David McCartyFacebook

Another officer who died in the McAtee shooting was identified as Austin Allen. He was also on administrative leave. WAVE report.

Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Kentucky Police Department and the U.S. Attorney’s Office will assist in investigating the cause of McAtee’s death. WLKY report.

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