Pelosi accuses Zuckerberg of "wandering in the White House"

Pelosi accuses Zuckerberg of “wandering in the White House”

Washington — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted social media giant Facebook on Wednesday — accusing founder Mark Zuckerberg of “wandering in the White House” because he refused to make political speeches on his platform .

“Facebook, everyone, is to make money. Pelosi said on Thursday that their business model makes money at the expense of facts and facts, and he accused Facebook of trying to” hide freedom of expression. “

These comments were triggered in a fierce political debate, when Twitter decided to take unprecedented steps to annotate President Trump ’s two tweets about mailing votes, which angered the White House, which is preparing to sometime on Thursday Make executive orders against social media biases.

In an MSNBC interview on Thursday, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg criticized Twitter — he said he did not believe that social media networks should conduct fact-checking political speeches and said he would not take similar measures on his platform.

Zuckerberg told Andrew Ross Sorkin, the host of Squawk Box: “I don’t think Facebook or the Internet platform should usually be the arbiter of facts.”

He continued: “Political speeches are one of the most sensitive parts of a democratic system, and people should be able to see the words of politicians.”

“All they want is not to pay taxes,” Pelosi growled. “And they don’t want to be regulated, so they stopped by the White House. You will see what Facebook’s Zuckerberg said to all of these today. He is just a pan.

According to Reuters, President Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Thursday to amend a law protecting Twitter, Facebook and Google from taking responsibility for the content posted on their websites.

According to reports, the order will withdraw these regulations, making the technology giant face lawsuits.

Supporters of the president lashed out at Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, who added a fact-checking warning to his tweet on Tuesday, saying that mailing votes would lead to “artificial elections.”

Following Ducksey’s criticism, Dorsey defended his decision, saying that the company will “continue to point out incorrect or controversial information about global elections.”

“This does not make us a ‘arbiter of truth’,” Dorsey tweeted.

“Our intention is to connect every bit of the contradictory statement and display controversial information so that people can judge for themselves. We must increase transparency so that people can clearly understand the reasons behind our actions.”

But Pelosi accused Twitter of being “very selective” in fact-checking Trump, referring to the president ’s suspicious claims that MSNBC host and former Florida MP Joe Scala Joe Scarborough somehow participated in the death of an intern in his office 20 years ago.

Dorsey ignored a passionate letter W husband from that woman Ask him to delete Trump’s tweets that promote conspiracy theories.

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