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P Stobdan must apologize for the Dalai Lama Comment: The residence of Tiksi Monastery

The residences of Sikhsi Monastery and Dkit Monastery asked former diplomat P Stobdan to apologize unconditionally for the comments of the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

In a press statement, former Raja Sabah MP Kushk Sikhsi called Stoboldan ’s comments in the private news channel debate “very objectionable and said that former Rajaya Sa Congressman Buha must apologize unconditionally for his “no need to declare” to the Dalai Lama.

The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.Reuters

“The language spoken by P Stobdan against his dignity (Dalai Lama) is highly condemned. I am the residence of Tiksi Monastery and Decit Monastery and represent the monks Sacred respect for the followers. Dalai asked Mr. Stoberdan to apologize unconditionally, Kushok Thiksey said.

He also urged the Ladakh Buddhist Association and the Ladakh Gompa Association to condemn and demand the former diplomat to apologize unconditionally. He said that the Dalai Lama is not only the epitome of peace and human ambassador, but also the most respected spiritual leader among the thousands of Buddhists in the world.

What did Stobdan say?

In the ongoing debate on the Sino-Indian confrontation in Ladakh, Stobdan asked the Dalai Lama to come forward and announced to the world that China ’s claimed territory is part of India, not China ’s disputed region, Tibet.

“Who told the Chinese that this is their land? Not to mention the Chinese, it is not the land of Tibet. Why did the Tibetans give no explanation. The Da who is hiding in Dharamsala (Himassol, India) The Lama (government) should) tell him (China claims to own) this land belongs to India, not Tibet. He is hiding and making his coat. “

“… China came, and the Dalai Lama said to let China come and sit quietly and continue to do his services. This will not happen. We allow them to set up his government in Damasala. He should clarify This is the land of India … “he added further.

His speech to the Dalai Lama was put forward in the context of a fierce confrontation between the Indian and Chinese military forces near the “four-finger” bulge in the Lagakh Panggong Lake area. According to reports, soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army established a camp on the 4th finger and blocked Indian patrols.

India claims that the actual control line (LAC) starts from the 8th finger, while China believes that the actual control line starts from the 2nd finger. Despite the controversy, India has been conducting regular patrols on the 5th finger. However, China has now blocked India ’s patrols, and if it does not back down, Indian soldiers will not be able to patrol outside of “Finger 3”.

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