Nike says "don't do" in the message about American racism

Nike says “don’t do” in the message about American racism

On Friday night, Nike posted a text-only video on its social media account The news encourages people to “get it once and for all,” which is a drama where the brand ’s iconic slogan is recognized worldwide.

The message is displayed as:

“Once, don’t do it. Don’t pretend that there are no problems in the US. Don’t refuse racism. Don’t accept the innocent life being taken away. Don’t make excuses again. Don’t think it won’t affect you. Don’t sit down and keep silent. Don’t think that you can’t be a part of change. Let us be part of the change together. ”

Nike’s message is four days later George FreudThe 46-year-old died in police custody in Minnesota. His last moment was captured by videotape. When arrested, Freud was pressed by the Minneapolis police officer’s knee. The video shows Floyd begging him to be miserable and unable to breathe. Then his eyes closed and the petition stopped. He was declared dead shortly thereafter. The officer was arrested on Friday and charged with murder.
This is not the first time Nike has used the slogan for Not just sports.

Nike said in a statement to CNN on Saturday: “Nike has long opposed all forms of paranoia, hatred and inequality.” “We hope that by sharing this movie, we can play a catalyst , Inspiring people to take action on deep-seated problems in society and encouraging people to help shape a better future. “

mark On the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” slogan in 2018, Nike released Colin Kapnik, The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, kneeled down in the national anthem to protest the NFL preseason. In this ad, Nike protested during the National Anthem because of racial injustice in the National Football League (NFL). The ad was previously Nike’s “equality” campaign. The campaign was launched in 2017 and focuses on how sports break barriers.

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