New York City remembers Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday

New York City remembers Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday

Anti-police brutality protesters in New York City paid tribute to the black EMT Breonna Taylor on Friday when she was fatally hit by the police at her home in Kentucky, in Brooklyn and Sadness at the memorial service in Manhattan.

Taylor, 26, slept with his boyfriend in Louisville on March 13 when three plainclothes police officers broke into her home because they did not knock on the door. She was accidentally shot eight times.

Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor

All personnel involved in the shooting were taken on administrative leave, but were not arrested. The FBI stated that “due to many media requests,” it is investigating the shooting in May.

A woman sitting on a balloon celebrates Breonna Taylor's birthday.
A woman sitting on a balloon celebrates Breonna Taylor’s birthday.Stephen Jeremiah

Steve Conrad, the former director of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, was fired after the police killed another Louisville resident David McAtee. David McAtee was Black, he runs a popular barbecue restaurant and is often supported by local law enforcement.

“It’s very frustrating and heartbreaking. It’s a real blow to know that these officials are still paying for their failed work,” said Tamika Palmer, Taylor’s mother In an interview with the “Nineteenth” on Friday.

People gathered to celebrate the birth of Breonna Taylor.
People gathered to celebrate Breonna Taylor’s birthday.Stephen Jeremiah

A large group of people gathered at the old Farley Post Office to sing “Happy Birthday” for Taylor. Taylor’s name also became a fixture, as the protesters of the underworld incident gathered together after the death of Ahmed Aburi and George Freud to demand justice.

I saw another group of people standing in the rain in the Domino Park in Williamsburg, silent for 27 minutes, while sending out pink balloons to celebrate the birthday of health workers.

“Say her name!” the organizer shouted into the megaphone.

“Brena Taylor!” the crowd shouted.

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