KIA Seltos gets 10 new features, a new dual-tone colour, and revised pricing

New features of Kia Seltos: dual tone, new price, etc.

Kia Seltos is the most beautiful SUV in the field and is now more attractive in terms of functionality. Ok, it already exists, but Kia considers offering it some good things (ten to be precise) to ensure that it continues to attract buyers to the Kia showroom (or buy online in the current situation). In addition, unlike the usual practice of adding a few features to high-end variants and calling them “update / revision”, Kia Kia not only adds new features in almost all variants, but also includes some of its early Existing features. Only high-end variants are unique, and they have found their way in some lower variants.

For example, although the new Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) function is standard on all Seltos variants, skylights (a novel type of skylight) that were previously used only for HTX + and GTX + variants will now also be available GTX trim.

Kia SeltosKia Motors India

At the same time, let us quickly understand what ESS is. As its complete form suggests, it is a safety feature that signals (warns) that traffic behind you is about to make an emergency stop. Therefore, if you exceed 55 km/h and brake heavily, ESS realizes that this is a sudden braking situation and will flash the brake lights in rapid succession to prevent the driver who is not ed from hitting you.

The rest of the new nine features, as well as the addition of the existing features of the lower version, as well as the variable-specific price list, are all mentioned below.

Kia Seltos

Kia SeltosKia Motors India

Please also note that Kia has discontinued Smartstream Petrol 1.4T-GDI GTK and GTX 7-DCT variants. In other words, you can neither get the basic model of turbocharged gasoline (GTK), nor the one-stop top automatic transmission (GTX). Therefore, you can only use the 7-speed DCT turbo gasoline Seltos as GTX +, and you can still get at least two options in manual turbo gasoline, namely GTX and GTX +.

No changes have been made to the engine, you can check Kia’s website for power and torque data.

New features of Kia Seltos

New features of Kia Seltos

New features of Kia SeltosKia Motors India

New features of Kia Seltos’ existing features

Kia Seltos' lower version available with existing features

Kia Seltos variable availability of existing featuresKia Motors India

New Kia Seltos price list

Kia Seltos price

Kia Seltos Price List (Exhibition Hall)Kia Motors India

It seems that modern Creta is not easy now.

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