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National Doctors’ Day 2020: Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy’s birthday and famous words, blessings, and messages on the anniversary

India will celebrate “National Doctor’s Day” on July 1. The special day is a hard struggle against a new coronavirus pandemic throughout India.

India celebrates Doctor’s Day on July 1 to commemorate Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the former chief minister of West Bengal. [Representational Image]Reuters

This is an opportunity for the country to remember and thank doctors from all over the country for serving the society. India celebrates Doctor’s Day on July 1 to commemorate Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the former chief minister of West Bengal.

Who is Dr. Bidjan Chandra Roy?

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was born on July 1, 1882. He is a freedom fighter, politician, educator and well-known doctor. After graduating from mathematics, he studied medicine.

In order to seek excellence in this field, he went to London to join the famous St. Bartholomew Hospital in London, but his application was rejected because the institution was reluctant to accept Asians. It took him 30 attempts to finally be admitted.

This person was rejected 30 times and later became a member of the Royal College of Physicians and a member of the Royal College of Surgeons. After returning to India, he joined the Freedom Movement and taught at the University of Kolkata.

Roy rules Bengal

After India gained independence, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy became India’s second chief minister from 1948-62. He is a good friend and personal doctor of Mahatma Gandhi.

Because of his contribution to the country, he won the honor of Bharat Ratna in 1961. He died in 1962 on his 80th birthday. The country designated July 1 as National Doctors’ Day in 1991.

On this special day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoped that the doctors would tweet: “India pays tribute to our doctors, they are outstanding nurses who stand out in the spiritual struggle against COVID-19. #Doctorsday2020. [sic]”

Here are some inspirational quotes, wishes, messages and greetings shared with your private doctor:

You are the savior, the right hand of God in heaven
Thank you for saving many lives.
Happy Doctor’s Day 2020

Your dedication, love and care for patients are the reasons why you must be rated as the best doctor in the world. Happy Doctor’s Day.

May you live more because you are responsible for saving more lives. Many people feel safe when they are with them, and this is the biggest reward one can get. Happy Doctor’s Day.

Thank you for being the best doctor who can completely change my life. When I am completely lost, you will take care of me. You are an amazing person, and I will always be grateful to you. I wish you a happy doctor’s day in 2020.

I can’t thank you casually. To me, you are God, and he can raise me from death. I know this is not enough, but thank you… thank you… thank you… Happy Doctor’s Day 2020.

You are the saviors of many people. You are called the hand of God. Thank you for choosing this profession and saving many lives. Happy Doctor’s Day 2020.

Doctors are needed, not healthy people, but sick people. I am not here to justify the righteous, but to repent to the sinner. -Jesus Christ

The doctor saw all the weaknesses of mankind. Lawyers are all evil, and theologians are all stupid. -German philosopher Schopenhauer (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Never visit a doctor whose office plant has died. —American humorist Erma Bombeck

As a doctor, an educator, an innovator, and someone who is committed to professional development to improve work conditions and help people-I am ready to lead. -Donald Berwick, former head of the Center for Medical Insurance and Medicaid

Nothing is closer to God than giving human health. —Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman politician.

Only the art of healing can make a person famous for himself while benefiting others. -Chinese Sayings

The medical field includes amusing patients while curing diseases in nature. Voltaire, French writer.

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