Missouri student seems to be laughing at George Freud’s death

Missouri student seems to be laughing at George Freud’s death

Columbia, Missouri—Two upcoming college students in Missouri participated in a video tape that seemed to mock George Freud’s killing.

These students were supposed to take part in teaching at the University of Missouri and Missouri State University in the fall, and then participate in a video on social media where they seem to imitate each other. Hear a student say “I can’t breathe”.

The Columbia Daily reported that the University of Missouri was crumbling in a racial protest in 2015 and quickly began a civil rights investigation, which led one of the students to withdraw her application for admission.

“Given George Floyd’s recent death in Minneapolis, this video is shocking and disturbing,” Mun Choi, the president of the University of Missouri System University and interim president of MU, is giving Wrote in the email.

Cui wrote that he had already started meeting with members of the Black University Corps and the Missouri Student Association. Black students and alumni of MU have taken the hashtag #BlackatMizzou to Twitter and wrote about their negative experiences of blackening on campus.

Choi wrote: “I and university leaders have always been committed to combating all forms of discrimination and racism.”

Missouri State University said that in addition to the potential students who appeared in the video, another student who used offensive racial defamation in social media posts also withdrew, according to the Springfield News.

Michigan State University President Clif Smart wrote in a blog post on Tuesday: “Many others expressed anger and suspicion about the nature and tone of these harmful social media posts.”

Smart said white and female students opted out after “recognizing the impact of video and social media posts.”

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