Mississippi prosecutor said she hopes the coronavirus "spreads in the riot"

Mississippi prosecutor said she hopes the coronavirus “spreads in the riot”

According to a new report, Mississippi’s second county prosecutor posted a comment on Facebook and then deleted the comment. In her comments, she was clearly optimistic that the “fatal strain” of the coronavirus should spread among thugs protesting George Freud’s detention by the police.

Pamela Hancock was first elected to the Madison County Prosecutor in 2015 and was re-elected in 2015, when he was responding to other people’s posts, which read: “Kevide is on the streets in large scale Is it spreading in riots or in bars and restaurants? Ask a friend,” Mississippi reported today.

Hancock said in the deleted comment: “We can only hope that fatal [coronavirus] The riot spread! “According to the report.

Hancock’s responsibilities include misdemeanours against individuals in judicial and county courts, including misconduct, intrusion, and driving under influence. She told Hanover that she would prosecute those involved in the riot.

She said: “My job is to prosecute all crimes, including civil disobedience.” “I oppose any act that disrupts peace and criminal activities, and I will prosecute it. I do not oppose peaceful protesters, but break into businesses and steal Something is a crime.”

But when asked about the “hope” that the virus would kill the mob, she took a step back.

Comments by Pamela Hancock
Comments by Pamela HancockFacebook

Hancock told the media: “I’m really just understatement.” “I don’t want anyone to die. That’s not me. The post is a bit joking, and I’m trying to make a joke. Obviously, I’m doing very poorly. If You ask anyone who knows me, I don’t have any malice towards anyone or any group. I just want to be fair.”

Brandon Jones, the policy director of the Southern Jackson Poverty Law Center, told the media that prosecutors should “reflect on how we talk about these issues.” Hancock’s post “sent all wrong messages.”

He said: “When people like Ms. Hancock say these things, we are worried that it may send messages to people who might want to face her in court.” “This erodes the trust of the public, even if they Just kidding, they will also be treated fairly by such comments.”

But Hancock said she “never offends anyone”, and this comment “has not targeted anyone except the rioters.”

She told the media: “What I saw on TV seemed to be people of all races.” “If you ask anyone who knows me, I will not be malicious to anyone or any group.”

Hancock added: “When I file a lawsuit, I don’t look at the skin color of others.” “I look at the crimes they committed, the facts of the case…I just want to be fair.”

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