Minnesota government calls on George Floyd case to “justify” justice

Minnesota government calls on George Floyd case to “justify” justice

The Governor of Minnesota said on Friday that he expected racially discriminated police to deal with justice “quickly” when he killed George Freud, and vowed to end the violent and violent protests that shook Minneapolis in the past three nights.

Governor Tim Walz said: “I hope that officials involved in this matter can be treated fairly and quickly.”

“This will come in time. This will be fair.”

Waltz also described receiving a call from a state legislator on Thursday night. The state legislator “community is on fire” and described the situation as “a serious failure that we cannot allow.”

He said: “My primary responsibility for Minnesota is the safety of all citizens.”

Waltz said he ordered the State National Guard to be deployed to Minneapolis at 12:05 am on Friday, and “the first mission was performed at 3:45 am.”

Waltz said that Floyd’s death was black, while white policeman Derek Chauvin seemed to have been killed when he fixed Floyd on the ground with his knee. 400 years. “

Walz also directly called on the African American community in New York City to say, “I will not patronize white people, but I want you to help me.”

He said: “Before we start to solve these problems, we must restore social order.”

“If street anarchy prevails, none of us can solve these problems.”

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