Mike Pompeo said the United States will begin to impose sanctions on Iran

Mike Pompeo said the United States will begin to impose sanctions on Iran

After the international community suspended typical diplomatic affairs to fight the coronavirus pandemic, tensions between the United States and Iran seemed to increase again.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday that the United States will begin to impose sanctions on foreign companies operating in Iran ’s nuclear bases, allowing countries 60 days to close their businesses.

In a statement, Iran ’s top diplomat accused the Iranian regime of continuing to continue his so-called “nuclear fringe policy” by expanding proliferation-sensitive activities, saying he could not justify the sanctions exemption after extending the 60-day sanction period. Downtime.

Chris Ford, assistant minister of international security and non-proliferation, told reporters that the move will affect three companies in Russia, China and the EU, namely France, Germany and Italy. The two companies will now have two months Convert these nuclear facilities peacefully. The department’s decision has been announced.

As far as Iran is concerned, Iran calls on the White House to lift sanctions to help stop the spread of coronavirus in April.

In response, the State Council asserted that all sanctions against Middle Eastern countries have nothing to do with the coronavirus response.

State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus said at the time: “We have said many times that US sanctions will not hinder the Iranian regime’s response to the Covid-19 crisis.”

The ministry also accused Iran ’s top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, of categorically rejecting the humanitarian assistance proposal made by the United States.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani denied this claim, saying: “American leaders are lying … If they want to help Iran, all they have to do is lift sanctions … and then we can respond to coronavirus break out.”

On the same day that Pompeo ’s latest sanctions were announced, Iran ’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps launched more than 100 missile launch speedboats, which allegedly will enhance the country ’s naval strength and enable it to challenge the United States in the Gulf The naval strength of the region.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Admiral Aliresa Tangesiri, commander of the Iranian Navy, said at the unveiling ceremony: “Today we announced that no matter where the Americans are, we are by your side. In the near future, you will also feel To us more. “

Hossein Salami, chief commander of IRGC, added in his speech: “Defense is our logic in war, not a negative attitude towards the enemy.”

Tensions between Tehran and Washington have surged since President Trump withdrew from the United States from a nuclear agreement with world powers in 2015.

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