Lori Vallow has new accusations, she pats her eyes with the tissue

Lori Vallow has new accusations, she pats her eyes with the tissue

Apocalyptic mother Lori Vallow patted her eyes with a tissue at the first court hearing on Tuesday, accusing her of conspiracy with a new husband to hide or destroy the child’s body.

Judge Faren Eddins of the Frontier County District Court, wearing a blue mask and matching sweater, is 46 years old. He read the charges at a virtual hearing through Zoom.

“Yes.” When the judge asked her if she understood the allegations, she responded gently.

In a brief lawsuit, Vallow’s wavy blond hair was partially tied, and he clenched his hands while sitting at the table next to lawyer Mark Means.

Her eldest son, Colby Ryan, also attended the meeting virtually and seemed emotional, even though he did not speak.

Before the hearing began, Means asked the court to call its client “Ms.” Daybell”-her husband’s name, also the name of Chad Daybell, the author of the end of the world, she was also charged with the case.

The incomplete wreckage of Vallo’s two children-17-year-old Tylee Ryan and 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow-were buried in Debel’s backyard in Idaho earlier this month.

Vallow has been held in Madison County Prison for $1 million in bonds since March on charges that she abandoned or abandoned her children.

On Monday night, she was attacked by two felony conspiracy to destroy, change or conceal evidence.

The judge ruled that her bail was still $1 million.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 10.

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