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Let’s code Aatmanirbhar Bharat: PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovation Challenge” here on Saturday to find the best Indian apps that have been used by citizens and are likely to expand Scale and become a world-class application.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, together with Atal’s innovative mission, solved this challenge. It will proceed in two ways: promotion of existing applications and development of new applications.

The government promotes domestic applications

“In order to promote the promotion of existing applications and platforms in categories such as e-learning, work from home, games, business, entertainment, office utilities and social networks, the government will provide guidance, support and support.

The Prime Minister issued a statement in his LinkedIn account saying: “Track-01 will work in task mode to identify the quality apps of the leaderboard and will be completed in about a month.”

Coding, programming language


Create a new championship in India

For new applications, Track-02 plans to help create new champions in India by providing support in conception, incubation, prototyping and launch, and market access.

This challenge will help create technical products to find solutions to technical problems under guidance. Interestingly, the challenge stems from India’s ban on 59 Chinese apps for national security reasons.

“The Prime Minister urges all my friends in the technology community to participate and help create the aatmanirbhar application ecosystem. Who knows, I may also use some of the applications you made,” the Prime Minister said with a smile.

The Prime Minister said that India’s technology ecosystem has made India proud, and the pandemic has devastated the technology community.

Linking it to “Independent India”, he said: “Today, when the whole country is committed to creating Aatmanirbhar Bharat, this is a great opportunity to indicate the direction of their efforts, the motivation of efforts and their To guide the development of talents that can satisfy applications in our market and compete with the world.”

The prime minister said in sectoral terms that the goal is to make India for the world in India as well. “Let’s write code for Aatmanirbhar Bharat!”

(Input from IANS)

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