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Ladakh stalemate: Chinese People’s Liberation Army builds motorway on the Indian side of Bangong Lake

According to reports, in the ongoing border disputes, the Chinese military is constructing a motor vehicle lane near the disputed “finger” area of ​​Ladakh Pankang Lake near Indian territory. According to reports, the construction of this road is in the final stage, which occurred near the “four fingers” in India, which China claims.

According to reports, China has controlled the fourth finger zone near Pangong Lake in Ladakh, India.Twitter

The bulge on the north bank of Bangong Lake was identified as the “finger” delimiting the territory. India claims that the actual line of control (LAC) starts at the 8th finger, and China believes that it starts at the 2nd finger, which is controlled by the Indian army.

During the 1999 Cargill War, Indian troops withdrew from the area and deployed on the India-Pakistan border. At that time, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army invaded the Indian side and built a road to the fifth finger. However, this is not yet complete, and experts now say that the ongoing dispute is because Beijing now wants to control the third finger.

ThePrint quoted a source as saying: “… The Chinese are on the path of rapid progress. This has always been China’s strategy and the construction is super fast.”

Indian patrol blocked

On May 5, battles and stone bombs between the Indian and Chinese armies also took place in this finger area. Before the recent Chinese assembly, Indian soldiers had patrolled on finger 5. However, Chinese troops are now blocking Indian patrols by digging a large pit and placing bulldozers on the route. If they are not driven away, India will not be able to conduct regular patrols after “Finger Three”.

Although both India and China claim to resolve disputes through “ existing bilateral mechanisms ”, experts believe that Ladakh’s deadlock may lead to a full-scale battle between the two most powerful military forces in Asia. In addition, China has established a large-scale model of Ladakh, which was completed before the war. The Ladakh stalemate is believed to be the most serious border dispute in India since Cargill and Pakistan in 1999.

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