Kentucky starts investigating police's fatal shooting of business owners

Kentucky starts investigating police’s fatal shooting of business owners

According to news reports, Kentucky officials said state authorities will investigate the death of a policeman who shot and killed a black Louisville restaurant owner during George Floyd’s protest earlier on Monday.

Shortly after midnight, a member of the “large group of people” gathered outside the Dino food market was David McAtee, the owner of the Yaya BBQ that was shot near the parking lot. WLKY-TV report Monday.

Soldiers of the Louisville Police and the National Guard said they were expelled and beat McCady when they dispersed the group and were fired.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve said: “Officials and soldiers started to clear mines and were shot at some point.” Conrad tells “USA Today”. “The members of the LMPD and the National Guard have turned back.”

At a press conference later that day, Governor Andy Beshear said he was calling on the Kentucky police to investigate the shooting.

Beshear said he believes that there are a large number of video tapes, including police body cameras and surveillance cameras, available for investigators to review.

The governor said in the briefing: “My request is to refuse.” Broadcast on WKDZ-Radio. “Let’s eliminate it. Let people see it because I believe that if the truth shows aggression, open fire on the LMPD and the National Guard, and if people think it makes sense, they can accept the truth. “

He said: “But they must be able to see the truth.” “This is the minimum requirement people deserve.”

It is unclear who fired, who fired first, or whether the group was involved in the city’s protests.

Conrad said: “Obviously, many people do not trust the police.” “This is a problem we have to work hard to solve.”

In addition to being dissatisfied with the death of Floyd in the police detention center in Minneapolis, Memorial Day, Louisville residents also showed Breonna Taylor’s death in March event. When a police executive provided a search warrant for a knock-free door at his home, the black Louisville EMT was shot dead on her bed. .

The man sought by the police was detained.

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