Jeep crossing the BLM protest gets lost on its way to the airport: passengers

Jeep crossing the BLM protest gets lost on its way to the airport: passengers

Drivers and passengers of the Jeep Wrangler were shot and shot at a protest against black lives in Colorado last week. They said they were just lost and tried to get to the local airport before being accidentally scuffled.

On July 25, a speeding vehicle caused a woman to fall off the road while others jumped off a section of the highway in Aurora, Colorado. According to KDVR, a local Fox News affiliate in Denver.

The crowd began to throw stones and projectiles at the jeep and then crashed into another vehicle, making the scene more chaotic. Authorities said that a man subsequently opened fire.

Passenger Gregory Goodenough claimed that the driver’s target was not “black life” protesters.

He said that Goodenough flew to San Jose, California on the way to the airport, when the Global Positioning System (GPS) guided them to a closed highway to accommodate the protests.

“We did notice that there were black life problem protesters on all sides of the street trying to stop traffic.” Goodnow said in a two-minute video posted to YouTube. ‘Then we avoided any pedestrians on the road and continued onto the highway. There was no police roadblock that stopped us. “

Investigators are still investigating how the jeep entered the highway when the road was closed.

Goodnow said that the demonstrators surrounded the jeep, threw “projectiles” with bats, “destroyed the vehicle” and opened fire seven times. The authorities said two people were injured.

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