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James Murdoch resigns from News Corporation’s board of directors

He resigned from the board of the family’s publishing Empire News Corporation and said that he would leave the company due to the news media’s “disagreement on certain editorial content” and “certain other strategic decisions.”

James Murdoch’s elder brother, Lachlan Murdoch, was the CEO of Fox Corporation, and he left the family business in part because of his dislike of Fox News.

But he is still a member of News Corporation’s board of directors-which aroused the interest of the whole family.

The young Murdoch repeatedly clashed with the conservative political views of his father and brother, even in public. He donated to Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic presidential candidate, and was angry with climate change denialism.

An insider said in an interview earlier this year that by staying on News Corp’s board of directors, he was “testing proposals for changes from within.”

Friday’s move showed that he had abandoned this proposition.

News Corp. includes newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. It also includes book publisher HarperCollins and numerous newspapers in the UK and Australia.

A spokesperson for James Murdoch did not comment further and said the letter is self-evident.

His father Rupert Murdoch and his younger brother Lachlan said in a joint statement: “We thank James for his years of service to the company. We wish him all the best in his future work. .”

These further efforts may include additional investments in news startups and other media companies. He founded Lupa Systems, an investment company, in early 2019.

His resignation from News Corp on Friday represented his distance from the family business.

But he still maintains contact with the family through the Murdoch Family Trust, which holds important voting shares in both companies.

Rupert Murdoch has 4 votes in the trust, and his four adult children have 4 other votes. After Rupert’s death, what happened to the company was the source of constant hype in the media industry.

On Friday night, a source pointed out that the resignation letter was not the result of any sudden action inside New York.

According to sources, on the contrary, tensions have been in place for several months.

For example, in January, James and his wife Kathryn joined the criticism of Murdoch real estate in Australia’s wildfire reports.

At the time, a spokesperson said that James and Catherine “have a sound basis” for climate change and were “particularly disappointed with the fact that the Australian news media continue to deny this fact because there is clear evidence to the contrary.”

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