Intel officials question the Times-Russian-Taliban bounty program

Intel officials question the Times-Russian-Taliban bounty program

WASHINGTON — Intelligence officials said that news reports that Russia paid the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan were inconsistent with the “verifiable” Taliban activities, so it was never submitted to President Trump because it was deemed untrustworthy.

According to Catherine Herridge, a senior investigative reporter for CBS News, the National Security Agency reviewed the requirements contained in the New York Times report, but found that it “does not In line with the well established and verifiable practices of the Taliban and Hakani”, Who tweeted She talked to intelligence officials with direct knowledge.

The intelligence report also lacked “sufficient reports to confirm any contact,” and because there were too many objections to the allegations, the report only reached the “low level” of the White House National Security Council and was never marked as Trump or Vice President. Mike Pence.

Herrich’s report cast doubt on the Times, which reported that U.S. officials briefed Trump on Russia’s so-called plans to pay Taliban militants in March to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan in an attempt to kill them Drive out of the area.

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, denied the allegations on Monday and said that the president has never been briefed because of different opinions from the intelligence community.

Herich wrote that a senior intelligence official confirmed that Russian President Taliban’s daily briefings never contained Russian-Taliban bounty charges for highly classified security matters.

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