Motor insurance claims could be rejected if venturing out during lockdown

If you take risks during the lock-in period, auto insurance claims may be rejected | Explain

Blockades can be very difficult, which limits people’s movements throughout the city. Now, if the idea of ​​driving on empty roads to obtain essentials and non-essentials can make you stay indoors for a long time and feel better, then the insurance company presents another obstacle, which will make you rethink twice, Then take an adventure during the trip. blockade.

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Locking rules: Is there an electronic pass before going on the road?

Considering that the lock has not been completely cancelled, the driver is required to obtain an electronic pass before going on the road. Now, if you do n’t have an electronic pass and an accident occurs on the road or the vehicle is lost, the chance of the auto insurance company rejecting your claim will be higher because unauthorized movements during the lockout period will be considered illegal activities.

Therefore, if your vehicle encounters an accident while locked, one of the documents that the insurance company will require to process the claim is the driver ’s travel permit or electronic pass. In addition, electronic passes are only issued for specific routes, destinations and limited time periods. If you do not have an electronic pass on the route and the vehicle is broken, then in this case, the insurance company will most likely refuse to settle the claim.

Remind you again that the terms and conditions of auto insurance are that if the licensee participates in any illegal activities, you can refuse the claim. Although there are always exceptions. If people who provide emergency services during the blockade (such as first-line workers and medical professionals), only electronic passes are allowed to travel on specific routes.

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Driving during lockup? Think twice!

Why should you immediately cooperate with an insurance company?

The date and time of the event (in case of theft or accident) will be determined by the order of the Ministry of the Interior if a pass is required, and this date is legally established.

Although locking restrictions are gradually being relaxed, and MHA allows interstate and intrastate travel, it is important for insured persons to provide travel reasons and reasons in certain locking rules that are still valid in restricted areas. This rule only applies to private cars, excluding commercial vehicles.

Insurance companies ’claims for unfortunate incidents that occur during the lock-in period will continue to be handled according to the actual conditions and facts of the claims. If the necessary documents required by the insurance company are delayed, the owner of the insured vehicle will be challenged.

In order to ensure that the insured ’s document requirements are not harassed during these attempts, the General Insurance Council has assured the insured that in the event of harassment, strict and rapid action will be taken against the insurance company.

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