Holiday in Greece: the feeling of holiday now

Holiday in Greece: the feeling of holiday now

Wahia, Greece (CNN) — If you want to know how the coronavirus affects Greek vacation dreams such as blue sky, blue sea, bright sunshine and the most delicious open-air salad you have ever tasted, but that is not the case.

In the infected era, Greece has been working hard to adjust its tourism products. At least for now, this seems to be rewarding, even if the second wave of infection threatens other European destinations.

To some extent, due to facts rarely seen so far, visiting many places in Greece now is almost like visiting a country where Covid-19 has never occurred.

Some reassuring precautions have been taken, but the beautiful empty beaches, crystal clear waters and seaside taverns still provide 100% authentic Greek relaxation for curing those melancholic depression.

Visitors need to complete paperwork before departure and provide details of where to stay. Upon arrival, they will undergo random testing and if anyone has a positive flight test, they will be quarantined for 14 days.

Airport swab

Blue sky, blue sea: Greece of vacation dreams is still waiting.

Barry Neild/CNN

Although there was a feeling of flight tension before the trip to Greece on July 16, this was one of the first flights between London and Athens after the British entry ban was lifted a day ago, but the journey went smoothly.

Throughout the British Airways flight, passengers mostly wear masks to express themselves. A paperwork check was conducted during the immigration, but there was no indication that anyone had tested the swab for Covid-19.

This is not to say that these operations were not performed. Although it acknowledges that travelers will inevitably contract some infectious diseases, Greece urgently needs to contain these infectious diseases in order to maintain its vital tourism operations for the rest of the summer.

Once leaving the airport, Greece is still waiting there.

The rugged hillsides are full of cypress trees, olive trees and orange orchards, which lead directly to the soft sand and navy blue waters. Almost every evening, the liquid sunset is bathed in soothing orange and pink in the sky and landscape.

Greece covid 8

The hotel is doing everything it can to ensure the safety and cleanliness of its guests.

Barry Neild/CNN

Hotels and guesthouses are doing their best to make guests feel safe. The check-in counter has been placed behind the screen, and the staff wear masks, sometimes even gloves and full plastic masks, even if they are uncomfortable.

“I think I am going to do scuba diving here,” Takis Zotos said. Mariana Guest House The hotel is located in Nafplio, a tourist port town on the Peloponnese Peninsula in southern Greece, sweating profusely behind his plastic mask.

Hand sanitizer is everywhere-in the hotel lobby, outdoor rooms, indoor rooms, and even small bottles in the bathroom, there are free shower gels and shampoos next to them. TV and air conditioner remote controls are sometimes wrapped in plastic.

Signs and floor markings strive to implement two-meter social distancing guidelines, but this is not always feasible. The arduous breakfast provided for one person after another, instead of a traditional buffet, seems to be still in progress and still very difficult in terms of logistics.

Traditional welcome

Greece covid 1

Hand sanitizer is everywhere.

Barry Neild/CNN

If hoteliers are concerned that their guests may be unpacking the coronavirus with beach shorts, they have not shown it.

Even for tourists from virus hotspots such as the UK, the welcome seems to be sincere. Although some restraint must be shown, Covid-19 clearly has not weakened the hospitality of Greece.

Zotos said: “For the Greeks, not being able to shake hands is like cutting off an arm.” He runs his own clean and tidy hotel with his two brothers (the reception area proudly displays the Covid-19 training certificate).

Restaurants are also taking preventive measures. The table between the diners was filled with disinfectant, and bottles of hand sanitizer sometimes sat next to salt and pepper.

Waitress Vasiliki Besiou wears a mask while waiting for a table in Takis Taverna in the beautiful coastal village of Limeni.

Waitress Vasiliki Besiou wears a mask while waiting for a table in Takis Taverna in the beautiful coastal village of Limeni.

Susan (Suzanne Plunkett)/CNN

Most incumbents are equipped with masks or miniature plastic protective covers under their mouths. Sometimes, in busy tourist resorts, these masks are lost, or worn under the nose or as an ineffective chin decoration.

However, even in remote mountain villages, in the taverns on the side of the road, the waiters will still wear full gear during the high temperature in the noon and have a lot of fun.

low risk

Many historical sights, such as the ancient theater in Epidaurus, were empty.

Many historical sights, such as the ancient theater in Epidaurus, were empty.

Susan (Suzanne Plunkett)/CNN

There is certainly a certain level of trust in the experience of eating out, but given that this is mainly an outdoor activity, so far there have been few Covid-19 cases, so the risk seems to be small.

On the street, there are few signs that a pandemic is taking place globally. Whether in tourist areas or ordinary areas of towns, pedestrians entering and leaving shops rarely wear masks or observe social distance. However, most shop owners are.

In many historical attractions in Greece, the mask rule does apply to any indoor exhibition. However, the irony is that these places are basically empty because the tourism industry is severely affected by the coronavirus.

Although this is miserable for the Greek tourism industry, it is incredible for tourists to explore the ancient wonders that usually crawl among people.

In the old theater EpidaurusThis sound-perfect ancient building with a history of more than 2,000 years has been hosting performances. Only a few tourists can take their performances to a completely desolate amphitheater, which brings unexpected pleasure.

Masks must be worn on all public transportation, including the numerous ferries connecting the islands. In this way, other paperwork is required.

Empty beach

It is not difficult to find your own coastline on the Mani Peninsula.

It is not difficult to find your own coastline on the Mani Peninsula.

Susan (Suzanne Plunkett)/CNN

Many beaches in Greece do not need to wear a mask. Because the current number of visitors is far below seasonal standards, people pay little attention to social distancing.

This may still be a problem on some smaller islands in Greece or on destinations with denser tourist destinations, but around the Peloponnese, most of the coastline is mainly occupied by a few Greek bathers.

This area of ​​the Greek mainland can easily open a new fast toll road from Athens, which can be said to be one of the best destinations for tourism in the Covid era. It is traditionally less visited than the Greek archipelago, but it is rich in beaches and historical attractions.

The majestic mountains, green countryside, fascinating roads and beautiful inland and coastal towns provide you with the perfect road trip elements.

Highlights include the historic Byzantine fortress town of Mystras, the paradise coastline of Elafonisos Island, the beautiful port town of Gythio, the medieval castle town of Monemvasia and the stunning coastal road, secluded bays and hilltop villages from the peninsula. It feels like a long way to go in trouble.

Greece may not yet have witnessed crowded beaches in Spain and other parts of Europe. Opening borders could lead to a surge in virus cases and be forced to shorten the summer.

But now, cicadas sing on the warm olive trees, the sun melts on the mirror surface of the Mediterranean, and the condensation drips on the side of the cold Mythos beer bottle, which is the perfect escape from anywhere else.

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