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Health experts say England may need to choose between bars or schools

Dr. Joseph Varon (Joseph Varon), Chief Medical Officer of the Houston Joint Memorial Medical Center, returned home after a full day of work. Callahan O’Hare/Reuters

Dr. Joseph Varon has not rested for several months.

Friday was his 134th consecutive day leading the Coronavirus Department of Houston Union Memorial Medical Center.

He said: “If you ask me how I can survive for 134 consecutive days, I think it’s adrenaline.” “But I’m smoking. It’s difficult.”

Last week was his hardest day. With the surge in Covid-19 cases handled by Houston, he has signed more death certificates than at any time in his career.

He said: “People are dying every day.”

Varon and his team check patient files during daily meetings.
Varon and his team check patient files during daily meetings. “I worry that at some point I will have to make some very serious decisions,” Wallonia said in July. “I started to realize that I couldn’t save everyone.” Callahan O’Hare/Reuters

Varon’s working day started early. He went to the hospital at about 4:30 or 5 a.m. and went directly to the Coronavirus Department. He and his team handled each patient’s case.

Then he started the tour.

“He was involved in everything and was very, very personal,” the photographer said Callahan O’Hare, In the past month, he has covered him many times. “He will sit on the bed with people, hug them and chat. It looks incredible.”

Varon said that at least 10 hours a day of care for coronavirus patients. After that, he met with other patients without coronavirus in the hospital.

“If I’m lucky, I will go home before 10 o’clock in the evening. If I am unlucky in most cases, I will go home around midnight,” he said.

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