Half of the coronavirus cases in Washington State are under the age of 40

Half of the coronavirus cases in Washington State are under the age of 40

Coronaviruses are being transferred from elderly residents of Washington State to young residents.

By early May, half of the confirmed cases in Washington were under the age of 40, which marked a significant change in the early outbreak of the virus, when this age group accounted for only 33% of the sick residents. According to a new study.

As the states continue to reopen, the researchers behind this work are urging health officials to increase awareness and safety against young Americans.

Seattle epidemiologist Judith Malmgren led the study. Although young people are unlikely to be hospitalized for COVID-19, they may still be seriously ill, and their lifestyle makes it easier for them to spread the disease to others. Tell the Seattle Times.

Malmgren said: “Young people are most likely to participate in social activities, they are most likely to engage in basic occupations, and have more contact with the public.”

The report was published on the repost server medRxiv, using the state ’s public health data to track the age of cases from March 1 to May 3, showing the proportion of cases transferred to the younger population after the total number of infections peaked in late March.

The analysis did not delve into the reasons why the case turned to younger patients. But Malmgren said anecdotally that she observed more and more young people in the city wearing masks and no masks.

Health officials in the state told the Seattle Times that this trend is the result of early awareness of the elderly and vulnerable populations because young people live less frequently.

Seattle and King County health officials, Dr. Jeff Duchin, told the newspaper: “As time goes by, the way infected people reflect people’s behavior.”

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