George Floyd protests across the United States

George Floyd protests across the United States

People expressed their solidarity with the June 6 protest in Melbourne, Australia. Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

If you just want to watch our real-time reports, here are the important headlines today:

Protesters rally around Australia: Supporters of the Black Life Problems Movement gathered today in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide for rallies. The court overturned the ban on marches and rallies in Sydney, and the crowd began to gather.

Tribute to Breonna Taylor: A group of peaceful demonstrators near the White House in Washington DC sang “Happy Birthday” to commemorate Taylor, who was killed by police in March and is now 27 years old. Obviously no law enforcement personnel were present. However, city officials expect larger demonstrations to be held on Saturday.

Facebook’s policies need to be reviewed: Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook will review its policies regarding the use of force by the state, suppressing voters and restricting content because of the company’s controversial position against US President Donald Trump Without action, it was strongly opposed by many of its workers.

The cyclist was arrested for roaring: The detective arrested and accused the cyclist of arresting three people in the video because they posted leaflets to support the “black life problem”. The cyclist was identified by police as 60-year-old Anthony Brennan III in Kensington, Maryland, and charged with three counts of second-level assault.

Biden said that Trump’s words in Freud’s mouth were “despicable”: Joe Biden, the putative Democratic candidate for 2020, rudely criticized Trump for citing Floyd’s name because the president had won in reducing unemployment.

The National Football League (NFL) Commissioner said he was wrong not to listen to players talking about racism Roger Goodell said this was a particularly difficult time for the United States, especially black Negroes. He expressed condolences to Freud, Taylor, Aloyaud Arbery and all families who suffered police brutality.

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