Gaming Streamer and Musician Freya Fox Talks Representation in Gaming, Going from Homeless to Fighting Game Champion and Clout Forge Reputation Management

Game host and musician Freya Fox (Freya Fox) discusses representation in the game, from homeless to fighting game champion and Clout Forge reputation management

Who is Freya Fox?

Full-time video game show host, musician and reputation management expert Janelle “Freya Fox” Kao spoke to us about her ruined fortune stories, fighting games, Internet fame, and becoming a gamer. Freya’s experience is one of many experiences, but it provides an internal perspective to understand the struggles and privileges of becoming an outstanding woman in gaming and esports in 2020.

As COVID-19 followed with the proliferation of online games and forced the withdrawal of thousands of events worldwide, a large number of people have thrived online since the birth of the Internet. The gaming community has gathered online, whether playing games together, communicating in the game through Ventrilo, or sharing tips and news on online forums.

This week, we met Janet “Freia Fox” Kao and asked her to talk. Check her:

Become a Twitch Streamer while working for its marketing agency

Freya Fox said she started playing a first-person shooter game on Twitch when she started operating her inbound marketing agent in 2014. Fox said that this is a way to express yourself while expressing what you have always loved.

“I’ve been playing games all my life, so I decided to start streaming on Twitch and create content on YouTube. People kept telling me that streaming should be done, so I started playing in the end, which was really fun. At the time, influencers had almost nothing. I did n’t know the potential. I just wanted to have some fun and show my friends how to play. “

Now, she has livestreamed full-time for two years, and has made enough money through sponsorship, supporter donations, and consulting with influential people ’s brands through her reputation management agency Clout Forge. Taipei, Taiwan.

Kao said that since she became a gaming partner of Facebook Gaming in 2018, her audience has also changed internationally. This is one of the first waves of Facebook Gaming partners. Kao left Facebook Gaming due to the so-called “mismanagement internally” and distrusted certain business practices. She still regularly broadcasts live on her Facebook game page

She said: “The most regrettable thing is that I didn’t upload to YouTube earlier, but only focused on Facebook.” Since then, Facebook has further restricted the scope of my business, and now I am stuck trying to establish a YouTube channel in 2020. This is not easy, but I know that due to COVID-19, the retention rate will increase in 2020. “
Check out her YouTube game channel Freya Fox.

Players who break stereotypes – get rich

Kao said there are many prejudices against women. She also hopes to be a positive role model for people, especially in the field of games.

When asked about her travel experience, she said: “It’s too difficult. I had to leave my parents’ house and be rejected by my family at the age of 21. I haven’t seen each other for years, I surf on the sofa, from I have been hungry since the age of 21-23. Although my family loves me very much now, I am very lucky to have a good relationship with them. “

In 2019, Kao partnered with Facebook Games and International Women ’s Day to promote women in the game. She took a unique position in promoting lesbians and calling for action to eliminate phobia. The video stream was promoted by Facebook with more than 500,000 views and attracted more than 1 million people.

“There is too much content in the gaming community, and some people even aim at the way that almost everyone calls anyone an unpleasant phrase. I am awesome because it has nothing to do with the stream, or it is satisfied 99% of the time. Say it? Added Kao.

Her success story-Freya Fox (Freya Fox) is widely concerned by celebrities

When asked if there was anything attributable to her success in overcoming these challenges, she said: “To be honest, I am lucky. FacebookGaming is a new platform and I caught up with the trend early. I also got Facebook pages like The Game and Charlie Sheen. In addition, Facebook Gaming supports many of us through live events. The PAXWest 2018 Facebook Fighting Game Championship is a good example. I won and helped Bandai Namco promote the Soul Sword 6.

Freya ’s Alodia Gosiengfiao ’s “PUBG Flying Car” video was shared by some celebrities including Charlie Sheen, The Game, Akon and Sean Kingston, thus strengthening Freya Fox ’s fan base. The video has more than 200,000 views.

Strong message to netizens

Finally, Kao sent a message to the gaming community: “In the final analysis, the pandemic changed all of us by 2020, and maybe this has also changed the way we treat humans. So precious but so fragile, like online first-person The opposite of shooting games. You just ca n’t be reborn in real life. Especially be friendly to your content creators, because being creators is not out of cowards. Owning your own life due to annoying troll online All are consequences in the real world, please imagine whether this is your acquaintance with them. I hope you can reconsider. If you eat with someone, you can play 1: 1 in the game or work with them not just for the present Some will take them apart. “

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