Former SP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh dies at 64 in Singapore

Former SP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh pass away at the age of 64

Former Samajwadi Party (SP) General Secretary Amar Singh (Amar Singh) at a press conference in New Delhi on July 3, 2008.Reuters

The famous politician Amar Singh (Amar Singh) passed away. At that time, he served as the general secretary of the Samajwadi Party and a member of Parliament. The news of his death was reported late on Saturday afternoon.

Amar Singh passes away

The 64-year-old politician has been treated in Singapore for the past 6 months and reportedly underwent a kidney transplant. The news of the leader’s death shocked Indian political circles. His wife Pankaja and children (two twin daughters) survived.

Just a day ago, the politician was reported to be receiving treatment in a critical condition. The Mumbai Mirror reported on Friday that doctors had said he was in the intensive care unit. However, this is not the first time Amar Singh has faced kidney problems. In 2013, the politician underwent surgery in Dubai and recovered from it.

Amar Singh (Amar Singh) has a long-term relationship with the Samajwadi Party, which ended in 2017. Despite being sick, members of Rajya Sabha are still active on social media. What surprised many people was the news of his death, and politicians shared a tweet two hours before the news broke.

Amar Singh


Amar Singh


Many people are sharing his last tweet as a tribute. Several political leaders, including Nitin Gadkari (Nitin Gadkari) also tweeted about his death. More details on waiting for the death of politicians will be announced upon receipt.

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