Fact check: news of 169 coronavirus cases in the Omkar Alta Monte community in Mumbai is false

After news began to spread on social media that residents of the Omkar Alta Monte community in Mumbai were rudely shocked after as many as 169 fresh cases of COVID-19 were found in the residential area.

Along with the news, a picture was also distributed on various online platforms, showing several health workers on the main entrance of the high-end society in the east of Malard.

Omkar Alta Monte Society of MumbaiTwitter

Mumbai is one of the hardest hit cities in the country, and Mumbai is second only to Delhi in terms of total new coronavirus cases.

BMC sees news as fake news

As soon as the rumors spread, Somini Mitra, an alert resident of Omkar Alta Monte, denied on Twitter that 169 cases of COVID-19 were found in society . As a responsible citizen, she also notified the competent authorities of the matter.

Sohini tweeted: “People from Ranibello clicked on the picture and shared 169 cases of fake news from covid in Omkar. Please ask officials to stop this fake news.”

She also shared a video of Councillor Vinod Mishra, who clarified that so far, there have been only 10 active cases in the society, and 6 of them have even recovered. He further pointed out that when health workers inspected residents, they clicked on the image shared with the message.

Omkar Alta Monte Society of Mumbai

Omkar Alta Monte Society of MumbaiTwitter

Following Sohini’s tweet, BMC also issued a statement refuting reports of new cases of COVID-19 by Omkar Alta Monte.

“This picture from Omkar Alta Monte of Malad (O) was reported on social media, claiming that the COVID19 test of 169 residents was positive. We would like to know that the above message is wrong. The picture is a screening held at the venue Camp. We urge citizens not to panic,” BMC said.

The city of Mumbai is already fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and this false news may cause more problems for residents and authorities.

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