Social media claims that hand sanitizer could spark fire in a car during summers

Fact check: In summer, hand sanitizer will not cause a car to catch fire

Social media has been flooded with claims that on hot summer days, hand sanitizers may catch fire after being placed in cars for hours. Netizens tweeted about images and videos of car fires because of a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Recently, IPS Dipanshu Kabra and IG Bilaspur of Chhattisgarh Police Department entered the Weibo website to share a video of a car fire incident in the capital.

Social media claims that hand sanitizer may cause car fire in summerTwitter

He wrote: “Beware of putting liquid hand sanitizer in the car. In the summer, volatile liquids may cause a fire due to increased temperature. A recent incident in Rohini Flyover, Delhi has been reported. This happened a few days ago in Raipur Events, “he wrote.

This statement quickly caused concern because many people were carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer, and they were going to work because of the new coronavirus pandemic.

Fact-checking claims

With the widespread spread of images and videos on social media, fire experts came forward to provide some inspiration for this matter. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) explained that hand sanitizers must be exposed to extremely high temperatures (which may exceed 350 degrees Celsius) to ignite spontaneously.

“Spontaneous combustion involves the material spontaneously igniting to the point where it ignites, and does not require any external ignition source (such as flames). The hand sanitizer is not easy to ignite spontaneously, and requires a temperature above 700 degrees Fahrenheit to spontaneously ignite.”, Guy Colonna, Director of Technical Services at NFPA said



Later, Dipanshur Kabra also published clarifications related to his previous tweet concerning the fact that the hand sanitizer caused a fire in Delhi’s car. IPS officials wrote: “Eyewitnesses reported that there was a fire caused by disinfectant. The news said that the car was filled with plastic and was suspected of catching fire due to CNG leakage.”

He said that at the current temperature, the hand sanitizer is highly unlikely to cause a fire, but he warned that it is not completely safe to put the hand sanitizer in the car.

“Many blogs and studies have shown that disinfectant does not explode at such temperatures. However, because it is a volatile liquid, it can easily evaporate and in some cases may cause a fire. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid putting it in the car Below. Such intense heat, “he said.

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