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Facebook, Instagram “falsely” blocked #sikh for several months; apologize

After the platform “wrongly” blocked the hashtag for about three months, Facebook and Instagram unblocked #sikh. The label was blocked on March 7, apparently after their team “wrongly” checked a report.

The head of Twitter for the Instagram PR team said on Wednesday: “Thank you for your patience. We investigated this issue and found that after our team conducted an incorrect review of the report, these tags were incorrectly posted on March 7. Blocked.”

“This is a very important and painful moment for the Sikh community. We have designed hashtags to enable people to get together and share with each other. We never intend to silence the voice of this community, we are taking necessary Steps, so it won’t happen again.”

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Instagram said it didn’t know about blocked hashtags until Wednesday.

It said: “After receiving feedback from the community, we knew today that these tags were blocked and took prompt action to cancel the processing of them. Our process failed here and we are sorry,” we said.

Twitter user asked for explanation

However, Twitter users asked for more explanation on why the tag was blocked.


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“Once you have investigated, please provide a full explanation. Also check other related # tags, such as #Sikhism, these tags seem to be restricted. We will not be censored. The fact that #Sikh happened first indicates that Facebook and Instagram information,” one user said.

Another user asked: “This tweet needs to be followed up. It is very important to have an explanation for this.”

According to a report in Engadget, this is the second time Instagram admitted this week that it erroneously prevented users from marking specific tags.

Earlier this week, some users reported that they were unable to post or interact with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter.

The report stated that the company stated that it could solve the problem and “reduce” the number of users who could not send messages using the hashtag.

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