NASA captures mesmerizing footage of strongest solar flare in a decade

Doomsday Prophecy: Biblical scholars say the surge in solar activity is a sign of revelation (video)

Several conspiracy theorists and staunch Christian believers firmly believe that mankind is passing the end, and they believe that the latest world events herald the end of the world.

Christian evangelist and biblical scholar Paul Begley has heated up these seemingly strange theories, claiming that the recent surge in solar activity may be a strong sign that the end of the world is coming.

Doomsday signs from heaven

Begley believes that there are several signs from heaven in the sky, these signs all hint that the end is coming. In a recent interaction on YouTube, Begley believes that the sun is already awake and energy waves are sweeping the entire solar system.

“When God releases asteroids, meteorites and debris clouds, they are shooting towards our solar system-actually facing us-we will continue to observe closely. It does match some of the literal meaning in the Bible, especially In “Apocalypse,” it first mentioned the reaction of the sun.” Pastor Begley said, report.

Even though NASA noticed that there has been a decrease in sunspot activity in recent months, Begley firmly believes that the end time is near, and the Earth will be burned due to the increase in solar heat.

“This is all the beginning guys mentioned in Revelation. You have a debris field, and then you will start to see fire, there will be fireballs, and fires will erupt in different parts of the world. Unexplainable. The Bible says trees and grass Will burn.”

Nibiru causes revelation on earth

However, some space revelators believe that with the advent of rogue planet Nibiru, the end of the world may be triggered. According to these apocalyptic traffickers, Nibiru is a killer planet currently lurking on the edge of the solar system. These doomsday believers claim that this deadly space object is currently in the process of hitting the earth, and once it hits the blue planet, it will release chaos everywhere.

However, NASA has classified Nibiru’s apocalyptic theory as an Internet hoax. According to NASA, if Nibiru is real, it could have been seen by the naked eye.

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