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Doctors were condemned for demanding personal protective equipment and were infected with coronavirus while treating patients with KIMS

The single-day peak recorded by India on June 6 was 9,887 cases and 294 deaths.Reuters

Dr. Sudhakar K, Minister of Medical Education of Karnataka, responded to the situation of doctors infected with coronavirus at the Kempegowda Medical Science Institute due to insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) on Saturday. The government will take all necessary measures to ensure that The safety of hospital doctors.

In the post, relatives of a doctor working at KIMS in Bangalore (Kang) said that although she warned about defective personal protective equipment kits and insufficient medical masks in hospitals, administrative medical staff not only did not provide enough individuals Protective equipment, and N-95 masks, but also blamed her for asking questions.

How doctors are infected with coronavirus

She is committed to the industry, continues to work in hospitals, and assumes the responsibility of a doctor risking her life. However, she bought her N-95 mask to protect herself while treating her patients.

But on Friday, she was infected with the virus herself and tested positive for COVID 19. She thought that this would make the authorities take her request seriously, so she tried again to raise this issue with the medical staff of the hospital, but was severely punished and rejected by the authorities. .

“Today, she tested positive for COVID-19 and appealed to the hospital authorities and raised real concerns about the failure of the protective device, but because of this question, she was harassed and humiliated again,” the doctor’s Relatives said in the FB post.

Dr. Sudhakar tweets

Medical staff risk their lives to protect people

There is no doubt that doctors are our first-line fighters and risk their lives every day when treating COVID-19 patients. If adequate protection measures are not given, such as high-quality personal protective equipment and medical masks, they are extremely susceptible to viruses.

The ratio of our doctors to the population (1:1800) is one of the lowest doctors in the world. If we continue to maintain a benign negligence of frontline defense actors such as doctors and police, it is difficult to imagine that we will soon be in danger of a world that most of us are not prepared to face. deal with.

The government and civil society need to ensure that our doctors are provided with the necessary protective equipment to enable them to carry out their work without risking their lives. Minister Sudhakar said that he had conducted an investigation into the matter and that if found guilty, the management would take responsibility.

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